We have 2 of the hottest tickets in town to give away to the incredible FOTOLIVE 2018 EVENT in Darling Harbour, Sydney on August 5th. Yep, it’s getting close and these are the final 2 tickets we are giving away to a very lucky winner. These ALL DAY PASSES are valued at $199 each and are provided by Australian Photography Magazine and Capture Magazine.


Step 1 – Visit the OFFICIAL Facebook post on the Style Pose Click page (you can find the post here) and TAG THE FRIEND you want to take with you. You can enter multiple times but please tag only 1 friend per line.

Step 2 – Comment at the bottom of this blog post and tell us about your photography business or journey as a photographer! We’d love to know more about you so feel free to leave your website here for everyone to see!

The winner will be selected at random and will be notified on Friday July 13th. Entries close July 13 at 2pm.


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  1. Kristal Wozniak

    What a fabulous event, would love to attend.

  2. Susan McArthur

    My photography business or journey as a photographer has led me to abstract style photography

  3. Snezana

    We are Sydney based photographers and we would love to come to this event. Thanks ❤️

  4. Jodie

    My photography journey stared in a little 3×3 mtr room with minimal equipment. No I have a beautiful studio with studio lighting, upgraded camera to full frame and beautiful art work on my studio walls. I am my job and my studio

  5. Emma Baker

    I am a mum of two and a wife, but I am also the person who documents and captures the journey of motherhood which is not always a joyous one. I provide life long memories to my clients of their pregnancy, their newborn babies and sadly sometime the loss of a child. It is through my photography that I am able to share the stories of my clients joy, to build awareness of not only infant loss but also the struggles of IVF journeys. I capture the beauty of expectant mothers and fathers who have been waiting what seams a lifetime for their precious child. Which is something I am very passionate about after loosing a child myself. I know the heartache and then the amazing feeling that comes when you are finally holding a healthy baby in your arms it is a journey that needs to be told.

  6. Rebecca Baker

    Photography my passion, my life, my own. It would be a pleasure to attend. 📷💜

  7. Caroline Flake

    My journey has been a long one through a different career for many years, to finally be here where I want to be. I love the joy it gives me seeing the happiness of my clients when they see their portraits – never gets old!

  8. Michelle Rabbett

    I’m a midwife and step mum of two boys, I love documenting my sons lives through photography and am keen to also progress into newborn photography. Often in my job I have taken images of stillborn babies for their parents to treasure and this has encouraged my journey to learn more in the photography world


    Well where do I start, my darling husband could see my potential, bought me my first dslr. We moved to a magnificent place called Hamilton Island where my journey in photography grew.
    My mojo up and left on 21st April 2017 when my beloved hubby departed this mortal coil. I miss him so much but I know he would love to see my journey I photography grow to the point where I stop doing what I am doing and start a proper business

  10. Leila Nasr

    I have loved and studied photography since i was at school, I’m now a wife and mum of 2 which just launched her business 6 months ago!
    I watch everything I can in the time I have alone (which can be challenging lol) but I absolutely love photography, I specialize in newborns and would love to be able to attend this event as I’m eager to learn all that I can! I aspire to inspire 😊

  11. Kelly

    My photography stared out from the love of taking portraits of my gorgeous daughters and has blossomed over the past 6 years in to a successful business where I capture life and create art. Now I can do what I LOVE… and as a bonus get payed! #girlboss I would love a ticket to attend your event 🙋🏼‍♀️

  12. Carrie Tampion Smith

    I am blessed. We all are as photographers. We get to freeze moments in time for our clients and loved ones. I lost my mother when I was 21 and I am heartbroken that I don’t have photos with her. That we didn’t Document more of our/her story. Now I want to be able to capture my own journey for my children and for my clients. We give these moments and they are a gift to all of us.

  13. Brittany Long

    I’m 18 and a wheelchair bound photographer, I’ve always loved photography since I was a little girl but since getting sick my passion for it has grown, it’s something I absolutely love and also an outlet. I started doing photography as a business at the start of this year and I hope to continue it well into the future. I love photographing the journey of motherhood and the real connection between families. I’m also an avid landscape photographer and you’ll often find me taking photos of bees for hours on end