Top 3 Maternity Posing Tips

Top 3 Maternity Posing Tips with Emily Black Photography

Autumn is the perfect time of year to head out of the city and into the beautiful Victorian ranges for a maternity shoot! You really do the seasons better than anyone Victoria! Those colours! Falling leaves! The amazing views!

We couldn’t resist heading back up to Mount Macedon when we were in town last month and met up with the amazing Emily Black Photography to learn her top tips for posing maternity models. As we drove out of the city and headed north, the blue skies disappeared and the temperature dropped at a rapid rate. We couldn’t believe it when we met up with Emily and her stunning model Ali in the carpark of the Macedon Hotel (where all good shoots should start and end right?) only to find them dressed in singlets and a thin airy top. Ahhhh guys … aren’t you feeling this weather!?!?!?!

There’s nothing worse than a bunch of Queenslanders who fly into town and spend the whole time whinging about the weather right? Well don’t worry, that wasn’t us! We LOVE visiting Victoria for just that reason, and we were pleased to find out that our model for the day, Ali, was in fact a Tassie girl and to her this 8 degree chill was a walk in the park. Well I’m not sure if those were her exact words but she barely flinched when she stepped out into the cool air. Tassie represent. We were sincerely impressed Ali!

How stunning is Mount Macedon? Truly. We were in awe of the gorgeous gardens and spectacular homes. Emily Black is known for her next level lovely Macedon imagery. Many of her maternity images are taken at the top of the range with those towering gums as a backdrop and oh so Victorian forest vistas. But today it was all about finding locations where you’d least expect them. Like …. the side of the road! Yep.

You wouldn’t know it but most of these absolutely amazing photographs taken by Emily took place in side streets, along the foot path and even against a fence line or two. It does help that the Autumn leaves were out in full force and everywhere we turned there was so much beauty. But it takes a seriously talented photographer to capture the joy of motherhood with such grace and beauty in these tricky locations. Lucky for us, Emily was there to show us how.

Check out this short YouTube tutorial to learn all about Emily’s top 3 maternity poses. The Prance, The Goddess and The Cradle. Watch how she works with her models, talks angles, levels and styling to create maternity photographs that are stunning beyond belief.

Thank you to our gorgeous model Ali who rocked this session and was very patient with us as we filmed. You will be pleased to know that she did have ugg boots and a blanket on between setups.

A huge thank you to Emily Black for sharing her time, talent and a seriously delicious mushroom and goats cheese pizza with a red (or two) at the pub afterwards.

All dresses in this shoot are provided by Tygr Cubs Photography Props


Emily provides one-on-one mentoring to photographers. Visit her listing to find out more.


 Crazy Queenslander photographing the pretty Autumn leaves

 Five layers, a hoodie and a scarf should do it right?

 Sam is loving her new Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless and Rode Mic!


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