Current Yes Art Project

We are so excited to again be supporting Gold Coast and Brisbane based charity, Baby Give Back, as we work together to create a stunning Yes Art project for the walls of their warehouse. Baby Give Back are celebrating having helped 10,000 children since the inception of their incredible organisation and to mark the occasion, we are creating a brand new art piece made up of 10,000 of YOUR photos. This will be the largest photo collection project we have undertaken to date so we will absolutely need your help! iPhone snaps, client work, fancy camera photos or personal images of your family and friends – we would love them all!

Yes Art projects encourage you use your photography to be a part of the bigger picture. Together we can create another incredible collage artwork that will remind us all that from little things, big things can certainly grow.

Thank you so much to Sarah Scott Photography in Brisbane for donating the main image we will be working from this year and to Streets Imaging Services for contributing to the printing costs.


Browns, creams, whites, beige, deep chocolate and more. Images can include other colours but we do ask that the feature is a neutral tone if possible.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Photography Industry

In August 2017, the team at Find A Photographer began speaking openly about our mental health journeys with each other – as parents, business owners and photographers. We were all going through something, as most people do.

As a team we decided that we were stronger when we shared our struggles with each other, and together we committed to walking regularly for our mental health and wellbeing.

It was a great place to start. We fully understood the benefits of stepping away from the office and connecting with nature and each other in this way. Over time, our business meetings were scheduled during a walk. We would meet at a local forest here in Brisbane and hike our way through the details of upcoming business events and projects.

Of course, along the way we would take photos. Thousands of them. Sometimes it was on a fancy camera. Often it was just an iPhone snap. But either way, we found a way to connect our love of business, nature, exercise and photography on these regular forest adventures.

Over time we invited more people to join us. Fellow photographers, friends … and then we thought, well, why don’t we make this official. And so the Yes Project was born. The idea being to just say YES, even when things feel hard. Take that first step towards better mental health and wellbeing one walk at a time.

Our charity was officially registered in late 2018 and our community events began.

YES WALKS – Wandering the forests of Brisbane (and later, Sydney) with our cameras.

YES MESSAGE – Sending photographic artwork postcards to those in need.

YES ART – Creating giant collage prints using the thousands of photos our community were gathering on our walks.

That same year, our friends at Camera House Australia came on board as our first corporate sponsor and our projects began to grow around the country! It was a super exciting time.

Unfortunately in early 2020, COVID19 stopped us in our hiking tracks. Running community events became very complicated and we were forced to shut down our Yes Walk events. We took a break from the project and focused on our Find A Photographer business events while the world worked out how to live through a pandemic. We also decided that as we were no longer accepting funds through the project, that we no longer needed to be registered as an official charity and could still run all of our Yes activities through Find A Photographer Australia instead (without all of the red tape!).

But now here we are – ready to get moving again. While our official walks may have ended, we will still be encouraging our Find A Photographer community to get out into nature and take photographs for their mental health. We’ll be calling upon our members and their network of clients to submit photos for upcoming YES ART projects that will hang on the walls of mental health organisations around Australia. And we’ll soon be restarting our YES MESSAGE program. We’re so happy to be back doing what we truly love again!

Keep an eye out at for announcements of future Yes Projects. We’d love you to be involved!