THE POWER OF REVIEWS – and why you should be asking for them.

Photography is a relationship business. It’s personal. As a client, you are trusting a complete stranger to guide you through a process that is often very new and intimidating. There’s a lot of hope and faith involved. Will this person be able to capture the essence of myself and/or my family? Will my children behave? Will I like what I see?

Sure, you’re confident you’ll do a great job, but your client doesn’t know that. Odds are that they are most definitely freaking out the night before their session with you and praying that their hard earned cash isn’t going to be wasted!

Yeah Carol Souza Photography! Taming toddlers all over Brisbane.

When a client is looking for a photographer, they consider many things. Of course, the style or quality of images is one. Without a doubt, the imagery that your client sees on your social media accounts and website is what will initially attract them to you.

But then what? What is it that truly matters? What is it that motivates a client to make the leap from an every day observer of your work to a paying customer?

Clients are motivated by so many different factors. Style, cost, location, products and more. And the needs of every client are different. You might attract clients who are financially limited on the same day that you book someone who has an open budget.

But there is one thing that ALL of your clients have in common.

They want to book a photographer they can trust.

You won’t find a single client out there who is happy to book a photographer who they’ve heard is unreliable. We’ve all seen enough “my wedding photographer never gave me my photos” stories on A Current Affair to understand why photographers sometimes have a wobbly reputation.

Kelly Smith PhotographyIf you want to read the reviews of some seriously happy customers, go and check out the profile of Maitland NSW Family Photograapher Kelly Smith Photography!


You can try and tell a client that you’re trustworthy. You can post about it on your social media accounts. You can even write about it in the bio of your webpage – about how many years you have been in the industry and how wonderful you are.

But the truth of the matter is, that it’s not YOUR words that matter. It’s the words of others.

Reviews. Testimonials. Word of mouth.

Have you ever truly gauged how many of your paying clients have come from word of mouth alone? You might be surprised at just how many. Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars on courses and equipment to perfect your technical skills and hope that your photos alone will do all of the talking for you. When really, it’s the talking that’s happening ABOUT you that is making more of a difference than you can imagine!

So, are you making your reviews work for you?

Are you even gathering reviews?

And are they REAL reviews?

Your Uber driver does it. Your print lab does it. Your termite inspection man does it. Your real estate agent. Even your $9.99 burrito bar does it.

Clients are always looking for online validation before committing to an investment – everything from a $35,000 car down to a meal at your local pub. People like to invest in products and services that they trust and know. So you need to do everything you can to help them get to know you and your business.

Actively gathering reviews in the photography industry is pretty unheard of. But why? If your pizza delivery guy can do it, why can’t you? And there’s one thing we know for sure … your clients are DYING to tell everyone about their photo session with you. Because it turns out, they loved it! Their photos are amazing, you managed to tame their toddler, you captured their precious memories and they are truly, very grateful. So let them tell people about it!!!!

Yes, the odd client might pop onto your Facebook page and leave a review and that’s great. But non moderated review platforms can be a bit of a risk (you know, we’ve all had that one random 1 star review from a troll on your page that you’ve never even met before that Facebook or Google now won’t even let you remove!).

What we do here at is different. Our reviews are moderated. Every, single, one of them. We read them. We approve them. You’re notified and can leave a reply comment. And Google LOVES reading them. Every single time someone leaves a review on your listing, the search engine throws you a few brownie points and bumps you up the important people list.

Don’t fear the feedback!

It’s time to start asking your clients for reviews and making them WORK FOR YOU!

Guess what????

We’re making is SOOO easy too. We are just weeks away from launching our brand new REVIEW REQUEST platform that is going to make your life very, very easy. With just a few clicks, you can email your clients directly and encourage them to upload a review straight to your Find A Photographer listing through your dashboard! How awesome is that! No more crossing your fingers and hoping they randomly find you online and leave a review. From now on, you can control who is reviewing your business by requesting reviews directly and using the words of others to create a trustworthy brand that future clients will love to invest in.

So let’s get started!

If you’re not listed in our directory for Australian Professional Photographers yet … get on it here.

If you are, sit tight. We’ll be emailing you with the new REVIEW REQUEST platform info very soon!

Thanks to the wonderful Brisbane baby photographer Carol Souza Photography for sharing this pullback of her day working with newborn teacher Sydney based Little Jeannie Photography during her Brisbane workshop.

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