The Find A Photographer Australia Awards

Find A Photographer Australia Awards

The professional photography industry is such an incredible one! And what we know for sure is that a beautiful photograph is more than just an image. There is always a story behind it, a photographer who has worked hard for their client to create something special that represents them, their family or their company. Photographers do something unique, in that they have combined their passion for an art form, with the skill of running a business. And they often do this with a focus on community, philanthropy, creativity and while providing exceptional customer service. Here at Style Pose Click, we wanted to acknowledge all the hard work photographers do when running their photography businesses, and so the Find A Photographer Awards were created.

The Find A Photographer Awards are an opportunity for photography businesses across Australia to be recognised for exceptional industry performance across a variety of categories. This awards program has been designed to commend businesses not for their photographic skill, but for their ability to run a successful photography enterprise and to shine light on those who are using their photography expertise in unique and meaningful ways. There are over $8000 in prizes to be won.

In 2019, photography businesses can enter the following awards categories:


Businesses are eligible to enter as many categories as they wish. Written submissions will be judged and decided by our panel of industry experts and winners will be announced on stage at the Style Pose Click Melbourne event on July 20th.

All entries that are deemed to have fulfilled the criteria by the judges will be commended for their entries. We encourage businesses of all sizes, skill levels, genres and years of service to enter these awards.

Depending upon entry numbers, each category will have 3 finalists and 1 overall winner.

To enter each category, a 1000 word (max) written submission must be completed by 5pm June 30th2019.

You can read more about the awards and prize packages here.

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