When you envision the beauty of a pregnant mother-to-be, her incredible shape as her belly changes and grows new life generally comes to mind. Those beautiful curves and the heart-warming bump that strangers are drawn to and friends want to rub at every opportunity. It is one of those phases of life that goes by so fleetingly fast, that capturing it in beautiful maternity imagery is the most incredible way to honour and remember it. Of course, dressing that divine silhouette so that Mumma feels like a goddess is a priority for any maternity photographer. And here in Australia we are lucky enough to have a local designer whose focus is doing just that.

We chatted with Aly Rodgers from Tygr Cubs Photography Props, who along with stocking newborn wraps and props, has created a special range of stunning maternity gowns. Here she tells the story on how she stumbled into this industry which she is now so passionate about….

Aly Rodgers- Tygr Cubs Photography Props

Like most solopreneurs, I am passionate about what I do and am highly pro-active in my business.
I started a while back selling scarves at markets and happened to be placed next to a photographer at one of these events. After looking at her images, we talked about how scarves could also be used for layering and wrapping babies. (That photographer has since gone on to be ‘very’ well known not just in Australia but also internationally). That chance meeting, for me, was the start of my journey as a photography prop vendor. Serendipity at its best.

I suddenly became a wee bit obsessed with finding pretty scarves that could double as baby wraps and spent a lot of time whilst overseas sourcing them. My first few years in the business was focused solely on baby wraps, until another light bulb moment happened!

I was making ponchos for my secondary business and thought to myself, ‘Mmmm maybe I could make these longer and they could be worn as maternity gowns.’ Hence my Kirbi Maternity Gown was born, and my prop business launched into a new direction. Kirbi is a simple chiffon style gown that can be worn various ways and is still a big favourite with a lot of photographers and their clients too.

Since then I’ve been working continuously on designs, looking to improve fit, quality and styles. I truly appreciate all of the assistance and feedback given to me by people in this wonderful industry. It’s so lovely being part of a community I can work with and for and I have developed beautiful relationships with so many inspiring photographers. I’ve been known on many occasions to have tears in my eyes when photographers have sent me images where they are using my gowns.

All of my gowns are handmade, some by my seamstress in Bali whose family I support. Some are now made by a seamstress here locally in Perth. Our fabrics are sourced both locally and internationally.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than working on a new design of my own, taking it my seamstress and seeing my vision come to fruition. I do have a lot of fitted gowns but have a love of chiffon, hence my long flowing trains and sleeves on my gowns.

I know not where my photography prop journey will take me, but I do look forward to travelling the road (and sometimes straying off the path too) and seeing what the future in this amazing, creative photography world will bring.


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