We’ve said it before … photography is a relationship business. When clients are choosing a photographer, they are looking for more than someone who can take great photos. For most, photography is a luxury item and a pretty big personal investment so it’s not a decision many take lightly.

Clients invest in people that they know, or think they know. It’s a bit like the celebrity effect – the same way an endorsement by our favourite actor or sports start might influence our confidence in a product or service.

Photography also often happens during emotional moments in a client’s life – their wedding, birth of a new child, selling a house and more. Sure, the quality of your imagery is crucial, but so is your ability to provide an incredible customer experience that puts a client at ease during a pivotal moment of their life!

Find A Photographer Australia

One of our jobs here at Find A Photographer Australia is to help build both your business AND personal brand. Your photos might be what makes the first impression but we know for sure, that if a client feels like they can relate to you on a personal level, you’re more likely to book the shoot!

If you’ve got your business listed with us at www.findaphotographer.com.au, that’s a great first start. If you’re actively collecting reviews, even BETTER! (clients are always searching for online validation of a service so let others do the talking for you!).

Next step in the process is to get involved in our other branding activities – submitting your Spotlight blog articles (free for premium and featured members only) and now, tagging us in our brand new campaign …


This is where the personal branding begins. The story that you tell about who YOU are as a photographer and a business owner. Behind the scenes shots, selfies with your clients, pull backs of your images, studio setups, on location shots and those fabulous video snippets you take during a shoot. We love them and so do your clients!

Any time you take behind the scenes images or footage, tag us with #findaphotographerlife and if you’re listed with us, you might just find yourself featured on our social media accounts, blogs or in our email marketing campaigns. You can even go back into your old images and add the hashtag now which is a great start!

Help us help you build your business brand by sharing the true life of a photographer.

Find A Photographer Australia

Find A Photographer Australia

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