Studio in the Spotlight – Home Studio VS Shop Front

The great thing about running a photography business is that you can do it from just about anywhere! So many of us have started in our spare bedroom (or have taken over our entire homes right?) while others take the leap and setup a shop front. This month we have chatted to two lovely newborn photographers who are running their businesses in two completely different setups. Thanks so much to Kerryn O’Brien from Little Fingerprints Photography and Sarah from Sarah Scott Photography for sharing their spaces with us!

the home studio – sarah scott photography

Natural light newborn & maternity photographer. Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane.

We’d love to know more about your studio Sarah!

I have a home studio. I originally started out working from our fourth bedroom, but as my business (and prop collection) grew I found myself needing more space. I also wasn’t happy with the light in the bedroom as it only had a standard sized window, and I desperately wanted a full length window. We contemplated moving, but couldn’t find anything that even came close to what we needed. So after much discussion we decided to convert the garage into my studio space. We had a 2.4m floor to ceiling glass door/window installed in the Northern wall, and then my dad and husband built an internal wall to cover the garage door and create an out of sight storage area for our ever growing collection of kids’ bikes and scooters. My husband’s biggest concern was losing the storage in our garage, so creating this area was some what of a compromise. I’ve ended up with a space that I absolutely love, although I still haven’t gotten around to finishing it just yet. I need to order canvases for the wall and add a few more personal touches, but I will get there one day!

What are the pros and cons of your studio location? If you have changed from one to the other, why is that?

Having a home studio definitely has its pros and cons, but for me, the positives outweigh the negatives! For me the biggest pro is time. I love that I don’t have to factor travel time into my work hours, and I don’t have to deal with traffic. I have three young children, so not having to travel to and from work gives me more time to spend with them. I also have a terrible memory, so working from home means that I always have everything here with me and I am not having to remember to bring things to and fro. Our laundry is right next to my studio so at the end of each session I can wash all of my fabrics etc without having to transport them. The biggest con is that I have to keep my house tidy all the time, which is not easy with three little ones. We are currently working on a side entry to the studio which will mean that clients won’t enter the main areas of our home, which will help with this!

If you could have your dream studio, what would it be like?

I’m very happy with what I have now, it is at least twice the size of the room I started in. I would never say no to a bit more space though! My ultimate dream would have to be an old Queenslander, raised so that all of our living spaces were upstairs and the entire downstairs area was my studio. Timber floors, bay windows, and beautiful natural light. And of course it would need to have an overgrown paddock in the
backyard for those family sunset sessions. And if I am really dreaming I’d add a beach out the front too!



the shop front studio – little fingerprints 

Natural light newborn & maternity photographer. Milton, Brisbane. 

We’d love to know more about your studio Kerryn!

I have a commercial studio. Originally I had a home based studio, however my background prior to becoming a Newborn Photographer, was in Senior Management for an International Company and working from home never felt quite right for me, even though the majority of the industry are home based studios. I also had trouble separating work and home life and switching off the computer at the end of the day to spend time with my family. Having the commercial space has improved this aspect of being a professional photographer immensely. Obviously the only disadvantage of having a commercial space are the overheads associated with the rent, electricity, etc.

What the pros and cons of your studio location? If you have changed from one to the other, why is that?

I love our studio location. When I was home based, I was based in Paddington and received clients from all over Brisbane as we were so centrally located. I didn’t want that to change so hence when we moved to a commercial studio we chose Milton. We receive clients from as far north as the Sunshine Coast and we have had a client visit us 3 times all the way from Ballina in Northern NSW!!! In addition we are part of the Douglas Street Design Centre and have a lovely Mediterranean garden and buildings out the back of the studio which are great outdoor backdrops and a wonderful cafe adjoining the studio where clients can get a proper coffee and relax!

If you could have your dream studio, what would it be like?

I spent a lot of time sourcing our current studio space and love it. I don’t think I would change a thing (other than a little more cupboard space for the ever growing/changing props!). Clients always comment that the studio and it’s surrounding buildings, etc have a lovely “feel” and I believe it makes them relax the minute they walk through the antique wooden front doors!

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