SPECIAL SESSIONS – Baby Abel with Jenny Parrish, Sol Shooter Logan Queensland

Professional photographers are often there to capture the most important moments in our lives – and along the way, they come across some stories that are like no other. Tales of hardship, love, loss, miracles and more. All captured in beautiful imagery that is forever treasured. We love sharing these Special Sessions with you – celebrating the magic that is professional photography.

Jenny Parrish of Sol Shooter, Beenleigh QLD

I was very blessed to have photographed such a little fighter, Baby Abel has been through more procedures and operations within his 14 weeks of life then what most people have in their entire lifetime.

Mum came to me to get some images of sweet Abel as he had missed his newborn images due to being in and out of surgeries being in intensive care most of his little life.

I was honoured to be chosen to take little Abel’s photos, he was awake the entire session but so happy and carefree to lay in my props or on my posing bag. He gave me lots of smiles and coos….

We wanted to leave his heart surgery scars in the images and not edit them out as they tell his story. Mum also asked me if we could include his “Beads of Courage” into one of his photos, how could I say no to this powerful addition to our session. The beads of Courage helps families as a visible symbol of their infants treatment journey, providing a long-lasting, tangible symbol of the strength and courage of their precious little babies.

I am proud to have given mum some precious photos of her gorgeous little boy, his cheeky smile and bright eyes make me smile every time I see them as I know how difficult his life has been and how every day he is fighting to stay here with his family.











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