Reviews are such an important part of your business marketing strategy!

Photography is a relationship business. It’s personal. Your clients are trusting you, a complete stranger, to guide them through a process that is often very new and intimidating. There’s a lot of hope and faith involved.

“Will this person be able to capture the essence of myself and my family?”

“How will they interact with my children?”

“Will I like what I see?”

“Will my money be well spent?”

“Can I trust them?”

Use the words of your past clients to help alleviate these fears and market your business for you!


Use our REVIEW SHARE system to generate a downloadable and shareable graphic of your reviews. It’s simple! When a review is left for you on our system (and moderated by our team) you’ll receive an email letting you know! Follow the link in that email to create a review graphic in your own brand colours and share it everywhere for your future clients to see!

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