Supplier Snapshot: Print 2 Metal

Award winning Print 2 Metal specialises in the printing of your photos onto metal for the latest contemporary look.

Having run a successful photo lab for 20 years, in 2010 the Print 2 Metal team brought to Australia this new and exciting medium for printing and displaying images. 

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Over the past few months in collaboration with photographer Murray Thompson of Landscape Photographics and Paper Box Media they have produced a gorgeous film showing Murray at work capturing his signature images. These are images he then prints on metal for his clients, with incredible results.

Murray’s land and seascapes are unique and visually stunning, inspiring many amateur and professional photographers alike to get up early and go to that remote place just to capture a sunrise or moody clouds over a dark sea.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful short film and be inspired.


Showcase your professional photographs in a way that will impress your audience like never before.

Trade pricing and exhibition sponsorship available.

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your first order with Print 2 Metal

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Offer expires August 10, 2018.

*orders over $125 and not applicable to items already discounted.

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