8 reasons why your photography business needs to be on Instagram now!

After years of slogging away on Facebook as your social media platform, are you wondering what all the hype is about Instagram? Here are 8 reasons you need to launch your business into the Instagram world…

  1. It’s a social media platform for photographs! You are a photographer, right? And photographs are your creative outlet, your passion, your product? Then Instagram should be the obvious choice for you and your business.
  2. Your portfolio is right there in perfect squares on one screen. So, Facebook has been the go to for photography businesses for years. It’s been full of likes and shares and supportive friends. BUT when you look at Facebook you see a flurry of words and when people actually find your page they have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll, just to see some of your images. Instagram presents your work in a way that a potential customer can see and connect with your style in an instant. It’s like your very own photography exhibition!
  3. Instagram has added a whole lot of functionality that makes it fun to use. It’s not just about sharing photographs- you can now create daily ‘stories’ that enable you to share with your followers what’s happening in your day, in one post that continuously plays. Customers love to peek behind the scenes into your world and this function lets you do it easily. And with lots of other features that will drive your business (swipe up, shop now and more!) you need to get involved.
  4. Instagram engagements rates are higher than Facebook. You want people who are seeing your photos to engage with them in some way and create a ripple effect, share with their friends, maybe even go viral. The average engagement on Instagram is about 1.25% versus Facebooks 0.12% (source: Rival IQ). Unbelievably, that means Instagram has 10 times more post engagement on average than Facebook. That is a huge difference!
  5. Your future customers can search for you. How does one find your business on Facebook if they just happen to be looking for a ‘family photographer in Bathurst’ for example? Unless you have Family Photographer Bathurst in your business name, it can be near on impossible to find you. BUT on Instagram people can easily search hashtags and if you make sure you use them in your photos, they can find you! #familyphotographerbathurst #bathurstfamilyphotographer #bathurstphotographer Get tagging in your Instagram photos everybody! Plus, photos with hashtags on Instagram get higher engagement in general. Win-win!
  6. More women use Instagram than men. It may not seem like a big deal, but who do you get the majority of your photography enquiries from? If your client bookings happen to come mostly from women, your business needs to be on this social media platform. It’s where your peeps are at!
  7. You can connect with your clients in a whole new way. Conversations often amongst people socially now link Instagram into their everyday dialect. ‘I love this photographer… have you checked out their Insta?’. Even when meeting new people out and about, it has become the new social standard to suggest they ‘follow my Instagram account’. If you aren’t part of it, you are missing out on what is culturally and socially become the norm for businesses and brands.
  8. It’s simple. It’s time to go where your business is. 59% of Instagram users are aged 18-29 and 33% are aged 30-49… it’s where the millennials are hanging out (and they are abandoning their Facebook accounts in droves!). You need to establish your place in the Instagram domain now- these people are your future wedding, baby and family clients. Your business needs to be where they are!

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  1. staceymccarthyphotography

    I am not on Insta with my business yet, but definitely thinking I should be!

  2. Shae Reddrop

    Great blog with some very relevant points!! I’m giving my instagram page a makeover & will now start using stories! Follow me @shaeleesa xx