Let’s face it, over the past decade newborn photography has evolved and changed in ways that no one could have predicted. It’s an incredible, beautiful and unique art form and parents all over the world are in love with the current style, often booking their newborn photographer not long after those two pink lines appear! But those curly, sleepy poses are in fact complicated and the safety of that tiny precious newborn life is paramount. A new platform is now available to ensure that photographers are trained in all aspects of newborn safety in a course created by one of our own local photographers. We chatted with her recently…

Academy of Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is rapidly becoming a niche field in and of itself and one acclaimed Australian photographer is working to improve the level of training and education those working in this growing sector have access to.

Brisbane’s Kerryn O’Brien has established Australia’s first Academy of Newborn Photography, a comprehensive online education and development platform where photographers can gain online education and qualifications covering vital information regarding newborn health and safe care and handling of newborns.

Kerryn O’Brien – Academy of Newborn Photography

“Our aim is very simple,” Kerryn, who founded the Academy, explained. “We want to strengthen and raise the benchmark within the global newborn photography industry.

“To do this, we have developed the Academy which offers a range of courses that have been developed in conjunction with an Advisory Committee compromised of medical professionals including a Paediatrician, Neonatal Nurse, a Chiropractor, Solicitor, and a Workplace Health and Safety Advisor.

“The courses, while providing photographers with the information they need to do their job safely, effectively and beautifully, also provide them with a strong qualification to show their attention to detail and level of care when it comes to their clients.

 “They can promote themselves as having up-to-date training, which is sure to offer peace of mind to many parents.”

 Kerryn, who has worked as a professional photographer for the past eight years and as a former training professional, said she decided to develop the Academy of Newborn Photography after seeing room to raise the level of knowledge held by those working in newborn photography.

 “Newborn photography requires a different set of skills to other specialisations as a photographer,” Kerryn explained. “You have to navigate the expectations of parents who want the perfect picture, while working within the constraints of what is physically possible and even safe.

 “As neonatal’s barely have any sweat glands with active glands found only in the hairline, at the nape of the neck and the palms of hands and soles of feet, the early clinical signs of hyperthermia are not very obvious.

 “Having a formal qualification which can be listed on their website and social media, business cards and all promotional material provides a reassurance for parents that they would not otherwise have, knowing their newborn photographer understands not just the technical aspects of photography, but also how to work with their baby safely.”

 Kerryn said she believed the course would be attractive to photographers who were keen to develop themselves professionally and who want to understand best practice in the field they are working in.

 “Professional development is common in all industries, so why not newborn photography?” she said.  “As well as helping to keep the baby safe, it provides valuable assurance for our families to know they are working with a photographer who has specialised training on newborn babies and understands the priority is the safety and welfare of their precious little one.

 “This is the first time a platform such as this has been developed in Australia and we are excited to be helping raise the benchmark within this industry.

“It also gives photographers working within it access to the knowledge they need to develop, keep themselves legally and professionally safe and assure parents their newborn is in good hands.”

We’re definitely interested to look through the course soon to find out more.

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