Lifestyle and in home newborn photographers to capture beautiful images of your new baby

When selecting a newborn photographer, there are a number of different styles of imagery you can choose from. In recent years, posed newborn photos reached a new level of popularity and photographers across Australia embraced those very cute, perfectly positioned, prop heavy designs. Think vintage wooden buckets, bright coloured fabrics, adorable knitted baby outfits and bonnets. There really are some very talented newborn photographers who specialise in posed imagery of your newborn and we love featuring them on our directory!

But what if that style isn’t really your thing?

What if you’re looking for something a little different?

The great news is that there are plenty of options out there .. and you just need to know where to find them! 

And that’s where we come in.

We love featuring photographers across Australia of all shapes and sizes and helping you find the baby photographer that is right for you is all part of the service.

If you are looking for photos of your baby that are a little more relaxed, then a lifestyle newborn photographer is what you need to be searching for!

Image Credit : Katrina Ferguson Lifestyle Photographer, Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle photography is not new, but the concept in the Australian newborn photography industry has certainly taken hold in recent years. Many people are searching for an in-home photographer. Or a photographer who works in a studio but takes photos of your little one in a more ‘natural’ way (for lack of a better word). 

We’re talking about arms stretched out wide. Baby in your arms. Kisses on their forehead while their big brother or sister climbs over the back of the couch to see. Cuddles with dad in the rocking chair. Sneezes and yawns and those adorable little details up close. It’s photography that captures a moment in time, as if there was no-one else in the room but you. Photographing your family as you celebrate the arrival of your new little person exactly as you are. 

If you’d like to have a photographer visit you at home for a lifestyle newborn session, there are certainly options available. It’s often a lovely idea to be able to capture images of your baby’s brand new nursery, family time in the backyard or everyone sitting together on the couch – just like you might be on a sunny Sunday morning together.

Credit: Little Love Lane Photography, Moggill Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Some photographers have designed their studios to create a lifestyle feel with everything from comfy lounge seats, beds with beautiful headboards, curtained areas and more. Sessions are often considered ‘baby lead’ and everything from feeding to soothing to tears are captured (but you can decide!). You can even have a photographer come to you in hospital for a “Fresh 48” session which is all about capturing those first few days together before you head home.

If you are looking for a lifestyle photographer in your area, you can simply type in “Sydney lifestyle” into our front page search facility or click here to see who we have found!

We’ve discovered a few photos on our site that we’d love to share with you today so take a peek through these talented photographers below and get in touch with them if you are looking for some beautiful images of your baby.


Photography by Jennifer Ann

Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Stefanie Plum Photography

Brisbane Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Stacey Rolfe Photography

Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Katrina Ferguson Lifestyle Photographer

Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Little Love Lane Photography

Brisbane Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Running Under The Sprinkler

Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Elysium Photography

Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Mala Moon Photography

Central Coast NSW Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Trudi Bartley Photographer

Gladstone Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Janelle Keys Photography

Richmond Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Emma Jade Photographer

Brisbane & Byron Bay Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sarah Warry Photography

Brisbane Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Miki Sakai Photography

Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Rachel Jane Photography

Bega Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sweetness Photography

Laidley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


Melissa Bernard Photography

Inverell Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Dart Newborn Photography

Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Alana Prosper Photography

Perth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Watch Them Grow Photography

Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


Are you a lifestyle photographer on our platform? Make sure you have information about your lifestyle sessions in your listing description so that you’ll appear in our full list of lifestyle photographers across Australia.

Blog feature image credit: Alana Prosper Photography

Brisbane Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Brisbane Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Gold Coast Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Hobart Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Perth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Adelaide Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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