Lifestyle family pics giving us all the feels

I was always a pretty useless family photographer. I would do whatever I could to avoid taking family bookings. Posing people was hard. Knowing what to say to make them feel at ease was hard. Getting them all looking at the camera with perfect smiles for that money shot was near impossible. I ended up pretty much flat out refusing to photograph anything but newborns which wasn’t exactly my most lucrative business decision. Goodbye repeat business and clients for life. Yep sure, I’ll photograph your baby but as soon as they can walk … errr no thanks. Go find someone else!

Oh how I wish I’d found lifestyle family photography earlier. Is it just me or is the tide turning on this genre? Away from the traditional posed family portraits and towards a more candid, natural style. Kids being kids. Dads actually smiling in photos for a change – chasing their kids down the beach laughing instead of being poked in the ribs by their wives to get them to cheese. Mums and their babies, big and small, captured in moments that are real and fleeting and just so far out adorable. Just family, you know, as they are. There’s something pretty magical about it.

Each month on Instagram we run an #icanstyleposeclick campaign where you can tag us in your images to be featured and win some great prizes. I’ve spotted so many amazing family images that just spoke to me this month from all over Australia. They give me ALL THE FEELS I tell you.

And then last month I had the absolute pleasure of watching the spectacular Sarah Black Photography at work at our Style Pose Click event in Melbourne. WOW! What a sensational lifestyle family photographer this lady is. It was so enlightening watching her work with her model family. Guess what? No cheesing at the camera. No forced posing. Just a family having fun, climbing tables, pushing each other in shopping trolleys, throwing autumn leaves. Adorable, relatable and so freaking sweeeeet. Pass me the tissues Sarah! This mum needs some family lifestyle photos with her babies – stat. Take a peek at the behind the scenes video below of Sarah’s session. It’s pretty cute (and Sarah shoots on film too which is neat to watch!)

Have you thought about getting into lifestyle family photography? Well take a peek at some of these awesome #icanstyleposeclick shares over the last few months. We hope you find some inspiration for your next family session. Thank you to all of our contributors … we are loving your tags!

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