Life as a photographer during Covid19 – an interview with Miki Sakai Photography, Sydney NSW

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted us all. But for those of us in the service and arts industries, things are particularly tough. In Australia, we could say we have been luckier than many other parts of the world but we have not been without our periods of hardship, and none are feeling it more than our Sydney colleagues who are currently locked down as they battle a new wave of the virus across the city. Photographers have had to close their businesses, refund client deposits, cancel weddings and clients have missed out on capturing some of the most important times of their lives. It’s devastating. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel … and photographers will open their studio doors again soon. Let’s hear the story from Sydney photographer Miki Sakai who shared her Covid19 experiences with us.

Miki Sakai Photography, Sydney NSW

This isn’t what we expected of 2021 was it Miki! How was your business going in recent months and what were your plans?

My normal weeks are usually filled with going out to beautiful parks and other splendid spots around Sydney for family photoshoots, visiting people’s homes for an intimate newborn session, and on some weekends I may be documenting a beautiful love story and celebration at a wedding. I love being on my feet, active, and being creative!

In between shoots I would be editing photos, having meetings / catching up with my clients, responding to emails, getting admin done etc.

There is never a dull moment and I love the balance of being super creative on shoots and with the editing but also doing all the behind the scenes communication, organisation, and client interaction that I have. Having worked as an Architect and having managed projects on-site, I am a natural organiser and I love being orderly and enjoy the planning process of my work as well.

… and then along came another wave of Covid19. How has this awful pandemic impacted your business?

There had been periods where I obviously could not do photoshoot for my clients. We managed to postpone the majority but some had to be cancelled which was heartbreaking.

My business never closed because I just shifted my focus on how I could make positive changes to my brand so that when I could eventually do the shoots I would be able to offer better things as well as a better version of myself as a photographer to my clients.

For example I expanded my bespoke product range that I offer during downtime, or I’ve taken online courses and also expanded my network with other industry professionals so that I could broaden my horizons, keep learning and improving. There is always something more to learn in Photography and I don’t want to ever stop learning no matter how many years I practice as a professional photographer. My mindset has shifted to really embracing the process and journey rather than setting hard goals for the future.

¬†Have you been keeping busy during Sydney’s lockdown? What have you been up to?

I am currently working on offering brand new client galleries – it’s a new and improved version of what I had before in terms of not only aesthetics but also with the extras that I will be offering, how easy to navigate and interactive it will be and I can’t wait to share it with both my current and past clients!

I am also updating my website and can’t wait to share that with everyone as well!

We bet you’re excited for when you can open again! What are your plans?

I think I will just be so bursting with excitement to be able to be on location and seeing my clients in person! My batteries will be fully charged so I can’t wait to unleash my creativity and have fun on my shoots!


We wish you all the very best Miki, and to photographers everywhere whose businesses have suffered during the time of Covid19. HOW CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHER? Leave them a review! It just takes a moment and will help your photographer’s business grow. Just search in our directory and leave your review directly on their listing. It’s that easy!





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