Life as a photographer during Covid19 – an interview with Melissa Barnes Photography, Melbourne VIC

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted us all. But for those of us in the service and arts industries, things are particularly tough. In Australia, we could say we have been luckier than many other parts of the world but we have not been without our periods of hardship, and none are feeling it more than our Victorian colleagues who have been in a second period of lockdown now for many weeks. Photographers have had to close their businesses, refund client deposits, cancel weddings and clients have missed out on capturing some of the most important times of their lives. It’s devastating. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel … and photographers will open their studio doors again soon. Let’s hear the story from Melbourne photographer Melissa Barnes Photography who shared her Covid19 experiences with us.

Melissa Barnes Photography, Melbourne VIC

This isn’t what we expected of 2020 was it Melissa! How was your business going in 2019 and what were your plans?

2019 was a big year for me and my little buisness, the big thing was it wasn’t little anymore. I started to get more and more bookings every week and I decided to add more sessions into my week. I was very happy with my 2019 client base to the point that in 2020 I was already pre booked for the first 3 months and struggling to fit people in. 2020 was meant to be a change, a freshen up in the studio and new equipment. I wanted to add a completely different range to my sessions which I still plan on achieving hopefully soon.

… and then along came Covid19. How has this awful pandemic impacted your business?

Unfortunately due to Covid this has put alot of my plans on hold. Funds are low as I have not booked in a session since March and have had to post pone all my jobs until we can re open. This has affected me personally so much as this is my dream – it is not just a job. Being able to capture these images for everyone is just the one thing that makes me happy. I can’t wait to get back to work and hopefully I will be busier than ever.

 Have you been keeping busy during Melbourne’s lockdown? What have you been up to?

I have been slowly updating my equipment, getting repairs and services done on my current equipment but most of all still planning my sessions that I have had to currently postpone. Let’s not forget the fact I had to paint my studio and have had plenty of time to do that.

We bet you’re excited for when you can open again! What are your plans?

Its a hard time for everyone and I feel for everyone that has had to postpone their sessions, so to make it extra special I will be adding a little something extra to all my clients that return when we start up work again. This is a personal thing for me as I want to show I appreciate them for supporting me. I am planning on opening for Christmas this year but still unsure as to when.


We wish you all the very best Melissa, and to photographers everywhere whose businesses have suffered during the time of Covid19. HOW CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHER? Leave them a review! It just takes a moment and will help your photographer’s business grow. Just search in our directory and leave your review directly on their listing. It’s that easy!




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