Life as a photographer during Covid19 – an interview with Deb Muir Photography, Bowen Mountain NSW

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted us all. But for those of us in the service and arts industries, things are particularly tough. In Australia, we could say we have been luckier than many other parts of the world but we have not been without our periods of hardship, and none are feeling it more than our Sydney and other New South Wales colleagues who are currently locked down as they battle a new wave of the virus across the city. Photographers have had to close their businesses, refund client deposits, cancel weddings and clients have missed out on capturing some of the most important times of their lives. It’s devastating. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel … and photographers will open their studio doors again soon. Let’s hear the story from Bowen Mountain photographer Deb Muir who shared her Covid19 experiences with us.

Deb Muir Photography, Bowen Mountain NSW

This isn’t what we expected of 2021 was it Deb! How was your business going in recent months and what were your plans?

I would normally have at least one or two bookings a week and enquiries as well. I would at least be working on either shooting or editing every day

… and then along came another wave of Covid19. How has this awful pandemic impacted your business?

Yes, bookings have dropped off, enquiries now have stopped as no one can leave their home so no income from the business for now.

 Have you been keeping busy during Sydney’s lockdown? What have you been up to?

I am looking into making photographic jigsaws / puzzles to get the photos of random and hard but creative things. I am homeschooling a child, sorting out blogs and catching up on all of the posts ect. while fighting with a child to do school work. I can still take bookings for later in the year as we will work around things.

We bet you’re excited for when you can open again! What are your plans?

We’d have a re-open special for older babies for those that missed their newborn sessions because of Covid!


We wish you all the very best Deb, and to photographers everywhere whose businesses have suffered during the time of Covid19. HOW CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHER? Leave them a review! It just takes a moment and will help your photographer’s business grow. Just search in our directory and leave your review directly on their listing. It’s that easy!





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