Welcome to our brand new weekly blog *Favourite Four Friday*. Every week we will be asking a guest photographer to share with us their four favourite photos… the photos they have taken that they love the most… and share with you the reasons why.


This week we are featuring the work of Elise Gow from Elise Gow Photography, Sunshine Coast Queensland. Elise is a baby and portrait photographer who also teaches mentoring and business to photographers around the country.


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This is of my own children sitting in a window. This image was taken in 2015 at my husband’s parents home in North Yorkshire in England. My children were aged 5 & 3 and it was their first trip overseas and actually the first time they had met their English grandparents in person. It was a massive mission getting over there and back but truly well worth it. This image just sums up that trip for me. My inlaws live in a beautifully traditional English style home with lots of rooms and places to explore which my children adored doing every day we were there. We have been back another time since and are going back again this Christmas which will no doubt be wonderful too. I asked them to sit there and look at each other. They had their legs curled in close to them- then they both put their legs down and started to play footsies- it was then this image came to life. A true moment captured.

This next image will always have a special place in my heart. Every year I fly back to Victoria, Australia where I lived before moving to the Sunshine Coast 4 years ago, to photograph Autumn Sessions. The colours and location never cease to amaze me. My challenge with family photos is that I want connection, action and colour all rolled in to one and I think this image pretty much sums that up for me. It has a great vibes to it, tells a story and truly says a lot about this family in one moment. I have recreated this exact image with many families since I captured this one because it just works so well. There’s something about crossing those stones and helping each other on every step of the way that is just magical. That is what family is all about- being there for each other and watching out for each other. I have an image of my own family taken at this spot, crossing that same creek hanging on my lounge room wall. My kids were 3 and 1 and my youngest in on my hip with his thumb in his mouth. I adore it, I love looking at it and I hope all my families I photograph feel the same when they look back at the images I have captured for them.

This next image never fails to make me smile. I love the explosion of colour and texture with the expression of this 10 week old just taking it from a normal image into a magical one. Such a cheeky little moment. I haven’t used this blanket in awhile so this has reminded me to pull it out again!

This last image is one I have only taken very recently and instantly has become a favourite of mine. I shot it a few weeks ago at my latest Autumn Sessions stint in Victoria. What do I love about this image? Gosh so much. I love the light- it was the most amazing day and the light was fading fast as it dipped behind the trees but it was subtle, diffused and soft and created the most beautiful colours and tones. I love the connection- everyone here in this family are connected – physically and emotionally in this image. They are interacting – Mum is smiling at her beautiful children, Dad smiling at his beautiful family in front of him, big brother kissing his little sister, daughter leaning in to sniff and snuggle into Mum’s hair. They are all holding hands and touch and cuddling each other. Nobody is left out. They are family and this image shows that. There’s just so much going on and you need to look at it for a little longer to ‘get’ all of that. I also love that it’s actually believable. I mean- would these guys actually as a family of 6 be lying in a paddock together having a cuddle? Probably not- but when I look at this image I believe it 100% and that’s magic



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