Oh it’s been a long time in the making but we are so thrilled today to debut our new look Find A Photographer Australia website! For the last number of years, we have been running two platforms – one for Australian photographers (Find A Photographer) and one for Australian photography industry suppliers (Style Pose Click – think print labs, equipment etc) – and at last we have combined the two to create a one stop resource for all photography needs!

~ List your business ~ Manage REAL reviews ~ Market to your local area ~ Grow your online presence and SEO ~ Engage in marketing and public relations activities ~ Enter competitions and awards programs  ~ Have articles written about you and your business ~ Attend photography events ~ Search for business supplies … the list goes on!

Our mission for Find A Photographer Australia is to provide Australian professional photographers with a platform to help you get FOUND! Sure, a solid social media presence is a crucial part of your marketing program … but Google is KING. If someone is looking for a Brisbane Baby Photographer, odds are that they’re going to plug those words into their Google search and find what they are looking for. So will you get found?

Find A Photographer Australia

Our online directory does many things …

  1. It helps boost your SEO (for real!) When reputable, industry sites like ours are talking about you, Google gets interested and thinks you’re kinda popular. Every little bit helps so every time someone reviews you on our site, Google crawls through your listing and throws you a few more brownie points.
  2. It helps customers make informed decisions. Reviews, reviews, reviews! Make them work for you! Clients like to book with people they know and trust – and the words of your former clients are marketing gold. Get excited as our site will also soon launch it’s new REVIEW REQUEST PLATFORM where you can directly email each of your clients after a shoot and request a review here on (you know, just like your Uber drive does!)
  3. Connects you to the thousands of incredible Australian photography industry suppliers! Need a new backdrop stand? Search for it. Want to print some amazing new albums? You’ll find Aussie suppliers listed (and reviewed by your peers!) right here! Want some cute new props for your shoots? Easy.

If you are already listed with us, you’ll now notice that the link to your listing will have changed:



Makes more sense hey! We think so. And don’t panic … any old links you’ve posted to your clients will still redirect them to the new listing. Nothing else has changed. Your photos, words and reviews are all still same same.

There’s a whole lot more we’d love to tell you, but let’s leave it here for now. If you notice any broken links or glitches, please let us know! We’re busy working behind the scenes to make the site as fantastic as possible and appreciate your help!


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