Once upon a time, in the land of the photographers, a beautifully edited and perfectly composed photograph was trapped on a computer…  and it needed to get to Instagram STAT!

Sometimes the process of emailing your fancy camera photos to your phone to upload to Instagram is just something that gets added to the never ending list of jobs (also known as never going to happen jobs). Am I right?

Of course there are several apps out there that can help this process along like Hoot-suite (these guys even allow you to schedule Instagram posts, for a monthly cost) and then there is also Flume (which is an app that had a little bit of controversy after it was booted from the Apple store last year). If you happen to be a Lightroom user, there is even an unofficial plugin called LR/Instagram that gives you the ability to load straight to Instagram as you edit your photos. I can hear the gasps! Yes, straight from Lightroom to Instagram… who knew?

Amazingly, there is actually a simple but little known way that you can load your photos from your computer to Instagram that does not require you to download a single app or load your Instagram details into any third party application. And it’s free. You just need to follow a couple of steps to change your ‘user agent’ so that your computer temporarily becomes a ‘mobile browser’. Then suddenly your computer accesses Instagram like it’s your phone. I’m a Mac user here, so these instructions explain how to do that using Safari as your browser. For the PC users out there, the idea is the same- you need to change your browser to smart phone responsive mode.


Open Safari and click on Safari -> -> Preferences -> -> Advanced. At the very bottom of this screen, there is a box that you will need to click that says Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar


Open a new private browsing window


Click on Develop -> -> User Agent -> -> and then select Safari = iOS 11.0 = Phone


Using the private browsing window, go to and log in to your account. At this stage it will look a lot like your mobile phone version- hooray! You will see at the bottom the very familiar [+] symbol- just click on this to add your photo from your computer.


It’s about this time that you might realise that some of your fav filters aren’t on the list and the editing features aren’t quite as detailed. The mobile version on computer is not as comprehensive as your phone version might be. BUT you’ve already edited your photo on your computer right? So, happy days!


Upload your photo, add your text and hash tags and click share. And boom, there it is…



You did it! You posted to Instagram from your computer!

And so, the Instagrammers in the land of the photographers set their beautiful photos free straight from their computers and lived happily ever after….

The End



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  1. shaeleesaphotography

    OMG! You ladies have just made my day!!! I have always limited the content uploaded to Insta because it was too much of a process… Now it isn’t!! <3 THANK YOU!!

  2. Eryan Wills

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    This used to take so much time as I had to first email my images to my phone, before I could upload to Instagram. It used to drive me nuts. Thank you for sharing. 😉

  3. Robyn Macwilliam

    Ok, this is brilliant!!! But can you please now find a way to make it work on a Windows computer using chrome???? (or Firefox) Pretty please…. 😉

    1. StylePoseClick Listing Owner

      Oh Robyn using chrome on a PC is a two step process (pretty simple really!)
      1) Ctrl + Shift+ I to view developer tools then…
      2) Ctrl + Shift + M to switch to mobile view

      Hope that helps.
      Samantha 🙂