To help photographers looking for clients and clients looking for photographers. We guess you could call us the Perfect Match of the photography world … and for anyone born after 1989 you might need to Google that one or click here.

Who is Style Pose Click ~ Find A Photographer?

Two besties who ‘clicked’ over their love of creativity, business and photography!


  • Professional photographer – of anything and everything
  • Reformed Tim Tam lover (just kidding, not reformed)
  • A lady who must see ALL the live music
  • Small business junkie & prop vendor
  • Wrangler of 2 busy little people
  • Art lover. Cloud gazer. Mountain climber. Rainforest wanderer.
  • Loves good people doing great things (kindness is the new cool peeps!)


  • Passionate creative, prop maker and lover of all things photography
  • Avid hiker and explorer of the outdoors
  • Has an unhealthy addiction to cheese
  • Won’t eat cake after it’s been sung to
  • Obsessive traveller. Closet karaoke star. Skilled googler (yes that’s a word!)
  • Proud Mumma. Loyal friend.
  • Loves to take the road less travelled