Newborn Documentary Photography Has My Heart

with Katy Allen of Katy Allen Photography

As a photographer I have the opportunity to be part of a family’s life for some of their most intimate moments, but my favourite by far, is the arrival of a new baby into their family. Their little bundle of joy arrives and brings with them the most exquisite combination of love, wonder and chaos. The emotions of the new parents are raw and exposed – they are chronically sleep deprived, a little overwhelmed and totally besotted with this miracle they have created. As a photographer I feel privileged to be able to capture this transition to family life.

I also know that inviting a stranger into your home to document you at your most vulnerable is a daunting proposition. The idea of having to clean up the house, find clean clothes that don’t have baby spew on them, do your hair and make up, and hope that the baby behaves for at least an hour, can be all too much. That’s why documentary newborn photography is SO good. Because documentary photography is all about keeping it real. There’s no need to pretend your house is immaculate with a newborn. Newborn photographers get it. Baby wants to cluster feed for the whole session? No problem, I’m used to it. Worried that I’ll turn up while your breastfeeding, trying to eat brekkie and there’s a poo-nami on the floor? It’s happened before.

The beauty of documentary photography is that it embraces real life. I don’t want to micromanage your time. I want to see how life is unfolding for you and your little family. If all bub wants to do for the session is snuggle, that’s perfect, because I’ll be able to capture so many beautiful images of your little one getting lots of love. I understand that newborn days pass in a blur of feeding, changing nappies and sleeping. Capturing these moments in time are priceless. I adore the contrast of a teenie tiny baby in daddy’s big, strong arms. I love seeing your baby nestled warmly against your chest.

Here’s 3 quick tips that will make your newborn photography session go smoothly

1. Make your bed
I know, I know, I said you don’t have to clean up, BUT, if you just straighten up your doona, it makes a great spot for snuggles, or changing nappies, or getting bub tucked up tight in a burrito wrap. Then no more cleaning necessary – I promise!!

2. Wear something comfy
We’re just hanging at home. You’re probably going to need to feed bub while I’m there, so make sure you wear something that is comfy and baby friendly. Nothing fancy. Just something that makes you feel good.

3. Open the blinds and curtains
Nasty old fluorescent lights are not a photographer’s friend. Let in as much natural light as you can and I’ll be a happy camper.

That’s it!

Not so hard hey?

That’s why documentary newborn photography has my heart.






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