How do we decide the “Top 10 Photographers” per genre each year?

You might see lots of other “Top 10 Brisbane Newborn Photographers” or “Top 10 Melbourne Wedding Photographer” articles on the web. It’s important to understand HOW these Top 10 lists are decided. Be mindful of those that are paid advertisements (although they usually don’t say that of course!) and others that are simply made up by the site with no explanation of their process.

Here at Find A Photographer Australia, ALL of our awards programs and recommendations come from analytics from our directory of professional photographer listings, review data that is collected from the client testimonials, ratings that are left on our site and through careful analysis by our team.

When placing the TOP photographers from each genre and region in Australia, we use the following data and processes available to us at the time of publication:

  1. Business name search analysis – how many times has a photographer been searched for directly using their business name. Are people searching for this particular photographer to find out more about them?
  2. Region search data – which photographers have appeared in a client’s search results and has then been selected to be viewed from the list of options.
  3. Genre search – which photographers have been specifically searched for by genre eg: newborn, wedding, family etc.
  4. Clicks – how many times has a photographer’s listing been visited and when there, how many times have their website, email address or other links been clicked on. This also includes how many past clients have visited their listing and left a review – however star ratings and review numbers are not counted specifically for this particular competition.
  5. Gallery views – how many times has a potential client or viewer clicked on a photographer’s gallery and viewed their images.
  6. Listing visits – how many times has a photographer’s listing been visited from referral links like Facebook, Instagram and direct marketing?

From here, this data is collated and our lists are developed. But it doesn’t stop there.

While some photographers might be regularly searched for in our system and appear at the top of our analytics list, we may find through our own final investigations that they have either moved location, ceased operation, have taken an extended break from photography or no long specialise in the genre that they have listed on our site. All top photographers are then confirmed by our team through visits to their website and social media accounts to ensure that they are actively working in their business. Where this information is not clearly available through these means, they may be contacted directly to confirm.

At the end of the year in our annual “Photography Business of the Year Awards” where we recognise the best photographers by state and country, the entire process outlined above is just 1 element in the decision making process. These awards held in November also take into consideration the number of reviews left for each photographer, the star rating of said reviews and a 10 point analysis of their business listing with us as a representation of their business.

We only want to recommend the very best photographers listed on our platform to our viewers and we work hard to be able to provide this data to you. We cannot, however, be held accountable for the service or products made available by each photographer. We recommend before employing any photographer that you do your own research and make an independent decision before doing so. We hope that the information provided on our site will help you as a part of that process.

The Find A Photographer Team