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Find A Photographer Australia is a research and reviews platform designed to help you make a decision about who is the right photographer for your family or business. It’s our mission to provide you with as much information as possible about each photographer listed with us so that you can make an informed choice. It can be a difficult decision! There are lots of great photographers out there and it can be confusing knowing where to begin.

Credit : Sarah Gage Photography, Toowoomba Queensland

The Australian photography industry is largely unregulated – meaning that business owners do not need a formal qualification or membership to take photos or run a business. In fact, liability insurance is not even a requirement by law with many photographers operating as a hobby or personal interest rather than as a professional enterprise. While some photography sessions may be considered low risk in nature, there are some genres that require an additional level of care and newborn photography is most certainly one of those.

There has been much change among professional newborn photographers in Australia in the last decade as the genre has exploded in popularity. Safety and training has improved and there are now a number of ways that photographers can hone their skills and learn the art of newborn posing. That being said, anyone can still claim to be a newborn photographer with little or no training at all. With that in mind, we are motivated to provide you with as much information as possible about the baby photographers available to you across the country. 

Credit: Baby Joy Art, Launceston Tasmania

So what do you need to consider?

How experienced is your newborn photographer?

What is their immunisation status – particularly regarding the Whooping Cough vaccination

Are they insured for public liability?

Is their studio safe and correctly equipped?

What kind of training have they completed?

Credit : Deb Muir Photography, Bowen Mountain NSW

When it comes to safety training and safe handling of babies, there are a number of different avenues an Australian newborn photographer may take. Many are trained nurses or midwives with years of experience working with infants. Others have been trained by some of the industry’s leaders and have worked with hundreds of babies during their time in business. Some may have enrolled in private health and safety courses including baby first aid or workplace health and safety certificates.

In great news, in 2018, a brand new training platform was launched in Australia – specifically designed to provide baby photographers with expert training and advice in health and safety for both newborns and their workplace.

The Academy of Newborn Photography offers online courses designed to evaluate a photographer’s understanding of these safety concepts and provides a formal qualification to those who pass all exams with a 100% success rate. The courses have been designed by a team of newborn photography professionals, medical professionals, paediatricians, neonatal nurses, midwives, chiropractors, WH&S safety professionals and human resources advisers. Qualified photographers must also provide evidence of business insurance, completion of their CPR / First Aid Certificate and their immunisation status upon completion of the course.

Credit: Nadine T Photography, Logan Village Queensland

We are pleased to announce here at Find A Photographer that you can now search our directory of newborn photographers exclusively by those who have completed and passed their training with the Academy of Newborn Photography. Simply place your location in our search facility and select the “Academy of Newborn Photography Accredited” option from the drop down menu to find a qualified photographer in your area (or this link will take you straight to our national list). We hope that this will help you further with your research and assist you to make an informed decision when booking a photographer for your new baby.

We do want to make it clear that not ALL great newborn photographers have engaged in this course and that many others on our platform provide safe and professional services based on their experience and training. It’s important to read through each photographer’s listing on our site or click through to their business website to find exactly what experience your newborn photographer has. 

Take your time to read reviews on our platform to gain a better understanding of the service you can come to expect from your chosen photographer. Please note that the information we provide is a guide only and we do not take responsibility for the services or products provided by a business. We hope that by providing this research and reviews platform that you can better make your own informed decision.

If you are a newborn photographer looking to begin your qualification with The Academy of Newborn Photography, follow this link to find out more and use the code FINDATOG at the checkout to save 30%. 

When you have finished your course, please get in touch with us so we can add you to our directory of accredited members.

Credit : Roxy Lee Photography, Brisbane Queensland
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