We have heard you. It was always on our agenda but we can see that it needs to happen sooner rather than later. So let’s start a discussion about YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

We’ve been talking lots lately about the need to market photography businesses in new and innovative ways. A Facebook page just isn’t going to cut it any more and it’s kind of scary to think that we’ve all been busy devoting years to these business pages that now no-one sees – on a platform that could change or disappear at any moment. Remember My Space? Um, yeah. Like that. A little too doomsday? Perhaps, but we’re just not willing to leave all of our eggs in one basket any more. It’s not good business and not a risk we’re willing to take. Marketing experts now say that you need to have a business marketed through 8 different channels to reach customers – and social media (all of them) only counts as one!

We have begun development of our STYLE POSE CLICK – FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER directory that will work in association with our Style Pose Click Australian Suppliers Directory. There is a lot to decide and we want you to get involved.

Directories like this exist already, true. But there isn’t an Australian Photographer’s Directory that actually HELPS you market your business or gives you anything in return.

Our goal is to create a directory that achieves the following …

  • A place where you can list your photography business and customise the look and feel to suit your brand
  • An opportunity to improve your SEO and bank some serious Google brownie points.
  • A place where people can find you specifically by location
  • A directory listing that allows your customers to interact with you by leaving reviews and helping you with word-of-mouth marketing
  • A place where you can choose to submit articles, features, specials and blog posts about your business to promote your services
  • Ongoing photography business support from a range of professionals to help across all facets of your life as a photographer
  • Marketing opportunities for your business that are seriously affordable

We’d like to think that one day, if people were searching for a photographer they would come to Style Pose Click first. That will take time and a lot of work. But at the very least, we hope to create a directory where you can list your business on an independent platform that will direct customers to your website, support your SEO and keyword endeavours and provide you with an ongoing bank of business support services.

So tell us, what do you want to see in a FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER directory?

We’re ready to get to work and we’d love your input!

Kate and Samantha

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  1. Bonnie

    Hi ladies! Firstly can I say that you rock!! Thanks for thinking of us and then putting the effort into helping grow our business!

    I’d like to see a level playing field! Google isn’t. It seams like the photographers that are already big and recognised are the only ones I see. On Facebook, insta, google! Don’t get me wrong, i love them all, but it would be nice for the little guys to be seen too. Sometimes our work is just as good, but no one knows about it.

    Thanks again for all that you do xx