Feature : WA Award Winner – Jasmine Skye Photography

The 2020 Find A Photographer awards program was such an exciting time! Clients from around the country reviewed their favourite photographers and some absolutely fantastic businesses were awarded. Today we speak with the 2020 West Australian Find A Photographer Award winner, Jasmine Skye Photography in Perth.

Jasmine’s Story

I have always been that person with the camera, but it wasn’t until I was on maternity leave (from being a nurse) with my first baby that my love for photography really took over!

I was gifted an SLR camera and I became that typical mum with a camera. But more then that- I’d found something I was passionate about, that was outside of my job, or being a mum, and completely lit me up! I was hooked!

I started photographing friends pregnant bellies and babies, and decided then to take the plunge to taking things to the next level! That was 9 years ago, so I think I made the right decision.

Her Work

I love photographing people. These days I shoot a beautiful balance of weddings, pregnancy, newborn, and families. I also shoot portraits for branding and businesses.

Some clients I have photographed all of those milestones and continue to watch their families grow- which I feel incredibly grateful for!

I offer fine art albums and prints, and have a range of digital photography packages too.

What She Loves

I love that every day isn’t the same! Meeting and working with so many families and during some huge life changing moments!

It has been an incredible ride being in this business for 9 years, its been a huge learning curve- but I feel a huge sense of accomplishment to be where I am today.

Her Reaction When She Won

For me I know without doubt my business wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredibly word of mouth and reviews by my clients. To get this award highlighting this, honestly means so much to me!

Client experience is everything for me as I know how daunting having your photograph taken is, so for my clients to turn around and say- actually that was fun, and I love my photos- means everything!

Jasmine’s 2021 Plans

I’ve got some big plans in the works for an exhibition and book for my personal photography project ‘Not broken’. This project is about celebrating and shining a light on unconventional families. This will be exhibiting in 2022 but I will be putting of a lot of work in for this in 2021, so i’m really excited as I have never done anything like this. Lots of stretching out of my comfort zone and growing as a creative.

Client shoots will be continuing as usual and I’m feeling really positive for 2021. I think more than ever families are realising the importance of time together and capturing these memories.

Jasmime Skye Photography

Perth, Western Australia



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