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The 2020 Find A Photographer awards program was such an exciting time! Clients from around the country reviewed their favourite photographers and some absolutely fantastic businesses were awarded. Today we speak with Family Photography by Natarsha March, winner of the Client Experience award for 2 years running!

Natarsha’s Story

It was 1995. Tauranga, New Zealand. Teenage me is standing on the front lawn with my two best friends and a disposable camera in my hand. My friends have their floral-print skirts, op-shop jumpers and clogs on their feet and I am “posing” them for our “photoshoot”.

My obsession with photography started young, and if I could share those fabulous 90’s 6×4 prints I would, but my friends are still my friends and they might un-friend me if I was to share our super embarrassing teen photos publicly.

I spent the first 15 years of work life as a television video editor. I worked in news, current affairs, consumer shows, kids shows and reality TV shows in both New Zealand and here in Brisbane. After I had my first baby, I found that I couldnt drop everything to go straight to work at the stations when they called – as is requried as a freelancer – so it became harder for me to work in that industry.

It was around this time that my mother’s group were seeing my photos of my baby girl and started asking me to take photos of their own babies. Then their friends started calling. And thats when I realised that a new career was in the wind.

Her Work

I focus on delivering high quality print products with digital files secondary. Families love designing artwork for the walls of their homes or printing every image into a custom designed album, while still having their digital files included to share as they please.

I put a lot of importance on the client journey, that it is a pleasant, easy and enjoyable experience from the first email or phone call all the way through to collecting their products and driving away with print products in the car and happiness in their hearts.

As photographers, we don’t just create images, we capture memories. Every image we create has a memory and an emotion attached to it for the family. These images deserve more than being just a file on a forgotten USB drive in a kitchen junk drawer.

What She Loves

For me, one of the most wonderful things about being a photographer is the connections that I have with the families I capture. Many times I have cried with families during their viewing and ordering appointment because the images mean so much to them and that emotion strikes me too. It’s such an incredible thing to connect with people, to understand their story and create powerful images for them that mean so much.

Her Reaction When She Won

I believe the client experience is possibly one of the most important parts of running a business, so to be recognised for the effort and quality of experience that I offer is incredibly important to me. It highlights for future clients that I am more than just an “in-and-out-pay-here-and-go” kind of deal. I really care about every family that chooses me and do my best for them every step of the way.

Natarsha’s 2021 Plans

I would love for 2021 to be the year I build my studio. It’s been on the plans for a long time and keeps getting put off for one reason or another. Other than that, I don’t really have any goals or plans for this year. I find myself very stressed when I have plans that don’t go to plan, so I have preferred to keep my goals and plans very simple lately. I think I will be back to goals and plans when there is more certainty in our business.


Family Photography by Natarsha March

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