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There are so many gorgeous products that you can create at a newborn photography session, but have you ever considered baby hand and feet casting? How lucky are the clients of Nina Louse Photography in Holmview QLD! Not only does Nina take beautiful baby images, but she can also take hand and feet moulds of your precious little bundle! Have a read of her process below and get in touch if you are looking for a one stop service for all of your heirloom products when baby arrives.

Nina Louse Photography, Logan Queensland

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How do I arrange a casting session with Nina Louise?

It often begins with my maternity or newborn photography clients. They ask about photos and then I share that I also cast newborn hands and feet moulds. Clients can message me on my Facebook page. They can request a consult to see Shadowbox Frame colour choices, Casting types (Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, Family or couples) Choose a casting colour of Gold or Silver & also they can choose a name plaque for their design. They can also request an enquiry through my website under the contact form.

How do I prepare for a casting session?

Clients should wear something with short sleeves & if it’s for babies – a one is with no feet or hands. I place plastic drop sheet or blanket down on a seated couch, a towel over the sitting parent who is holding the baby or child to avoid any spills or gel landing on the client/s or clothing. It’s a safe, non-toxic, dust free and sage for babies, children & adults formula that I use.

What kinds of products do you provide?

Sessions are castings of Hands & Feet for Newborns or babies under 5 months old, Different variety of castings for Family sets, I include the Shadowbox Frame, a mount to a wooden plaque or mahogany mirror based with glass cover as a choice for the casts to mount onto. A name plaque & the client can provide a photo, Birth card or birth certificate I can add into the frame for them.

What does a casting session with Nina Louise Photography look like?

The sessions go from 30 minutes to 1hr most of the time. It is done in my studio in a private, air conditioned for heating or cooling and comfortable environment. I only do a maximum of 2 castings sessions a day due to the work involved in it all. Few sessions a week as I also need times for my photography clients in the week.

A word from Nina …

I love my job as a photographer, but I also like specialising in this as well. These little tiny toes and hands only stay little for a limited time so I love creating these wonders! I love doing it & seeing my client’s faces when it’s all done & ready for them to take home. Besides photos, it is the only physical way they can keep part of their baby tiny forever









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