Feature Photographer: Niña Gadhia Photography, Sydney Newborn Photographer

We have some seriously incredible photographers on our Find A Photographer Australia platform. We love celebrating our featured members and sharing their beautiful work. Read below to find out all about this week’s featured member, take a peek at their art and find out how to book your next session with them!

Niña Gadhia Photography, Sydney NSW

Featured Photography


How do I arrange a newborn session with Niña Gadhia Photography?

When clients are in their second trimester and are comfortable with booking a photographer, this is the best time to book.

Have a look at my website, look at my portfolio, request the price list and read the “Experience” tab so you know what to expect from a session with me. If you like what you see and read, head over to my socials to check out my latest work.

When you’re ready to book, head over to my “Contact” page on my website and send me an email. I do my best to accomodate last minute bookings, however, clients that have booked in advance will always get priority.

How do I prepare for a newborn session?

My newborn sessions are very relaxed.

Once you decide to book with me, we have a planning session, this can be a phone call or a coffee to talk about the shoot. We discuss the photography style you prefer, the colour palette we will use and what you’re planning on doing with the photos afterwards (are you going to create a gallery wall, are you after a statement piece or are you looking for an album?)

We chat about wardrobe and all my clients have access to my client wardrobe so if they are pressed for time, I have them sorted.

When baby is here we lock down the session date.

On shoot day, we take our time, if baby needs a feed, nappy change or cuddles we stop. There is no rush. If you want to take a nap, you are welcome to do that too. Let me look after you and baby, you just sit back and enjoy the shoot.

What kinds of props and equipment do you provide?

We talk about props and the colour palette you prefer during our planning session.

If you like a more simplistic style we can do this.

If you want to use props, I have you covered there too.

My style tends to favour neutrals and earthy tones. I mix up props with beautiful simple black and white images in your gallery.

What does a newborn session with Niña Gadhia Photography look like?

My newborn shoots take place at my natural light home studio.

We start the session in the morning and go for approx 3 hours.

All sessions include family and sibling photos. For me, it is so important to get these photos. Mum and Dad may be super tired but these photos are priceless and something they will value for a long time.

Siblings may or may not want to be in the photos right away. That’s completely fine. I wait until they are ready. In the meantime, I have toys they can play with or there is a cafe close by if they need to walk some energy out. Kids are more willing to be in front of the camera when its on their terms, and we get more natural shots when they aren’t forced into photos.

We do approx 5 set ups for baby and they are the boss of the shoot. If we need to stop to feed, change a nappy or cuddle with mum or dad, we do it.

Babies cry, its a fact. I find that the more relaxed parents are the more relaxed baby is. So just sit back and relax, you have a baby sitter for the next 3 hours 🙂

What kind of packages or products are available?

All my packages include a mix of print product and digitals. They have been designed so that you have digitals that you can share right away as well as having something tangible to display and enjoy for years to come.

My print products include art mounted prints, frames, canvas, boxed canvas and albums.

A word from Niña …

I missed out on doing a newborn session with my first born because I was exhausted so I know just how special and fleeting this time is.

I love seeing how genuinely happy the family is to welcome a new baby. The parents may be sleep deprived or stressed over navigating the new family dynamics but when I ask them to hold their new baby close, there is always an instant smile and calm that comes over them.

When families trust me to capture this moment in their lives it is an honour.









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