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Bree Hulme Photography, Sydney NSW

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How do I arrange a newborn session with Bree Hulme Photography?

For a newborn session clients contact me early in their 2nd trimester either via phone, email or through my website. I only accept a limited number of newborn sessions each month due to the unpredictable nature of knowing when a baby will be born, so it is important that clients get in touch early so they don’t miss out on this precious stage with their new baby.

We discuss their due date, and pencil in a tentative session date for approximately 10-14 days after their due date. We then stay in touch in the lead up to their due date, and once baby has arrived we confirm what date will work best for scheduling the newborn session.

Ideally newborn sessions are scheduled between 10-14 days after birth, allowing time for Mum and Baby to get settled at home and feeding to be established, but when baby is still tiny and sleepy for those gorgeous newborn poses.

How do I prepare for a newborn session?

Once clients have booked in their tentative newborn session date, they will receive a detailed welcome guide to help them best prepare for the session and understand what to expect during and after the session as well.

This guide will give them tips on what to wear, what to bring and other things to consider like hair and make up.

For your newborn baby, clients don’t need to bring anything except milk and some changes of nappies.

What kinds of props and equipment do you provide?

Every client also receives a brief questionnaire which helps me to understand what it is that is important to my client to see reflected in their photos. This questionnaire informs our selection of colours and props that we use in the session, and helps me understand which style of photos my client has fallen in love with.

At the shoot I have a selection of props such as baskets and bowls, colours, textures and bonnets or headbands that clients can select from to suit their tastes and decor best. I love to keep my newborn sessions simple, classic and natural so that the star of the photos is the beautiful, perfect baby.

What does a newborn session with Bree Hulme Photography look like?

Newborn sessions are held in my home studio in Cromer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With floor to ceiling windows, this natural light studio, is warm, light and relaxing, perfect for capturing your newborn baby.

Newborn sessions start at 9:30am as I find mornings work best for newborns of this age and are scheduled Monday-Friday.

Sessions last between 2-3 hours, maybe a little longer if it is for twins or triplets. This allows plenty of time for feeding, changing, settling and cuddling your beautiful new baby. The session is relaxed and comfortable, no one is rushed and baby is kept calm, comfortable and relaxed.

What kind of packages or products are available?

Bree Hulme Photography is a full service experience, and we offer a range of beautiful products and packages to suit all budgets.

Digital packages include a USB and beautiful prints of your chosen images. We also offer beautiful Australian made framing options, and stunning heirloom quality linen bound albums.

No purchasing decisions need to be made until our beautiful gallery is in front of you in the comfort of your own home.

A word from Bree …

Babies are newborns for such a fleeting, and often sleep deprived, period of time. Capturing all the beautiful details of this stage is something I am passionate about – those tiny fingers and toes, the soft downey hair, the milk pimples, those milk blistered lips. These are the tiny details that will soon change and disappear.

The amazing love and bond, the joy and emotions of these first few weeks, these are the connections I want to highlight in your beautiful portraits with your new baby.









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