Feature : Melbourne Award Winner – Niki Sprekos Photography, Malvern East VIC

The 2021 Find A Photographer awards program was such an exciting time! Clients from around the country reviewed their favourite photographers and some absolutely fantastic businesses were awarded. Today we speak with Niki Sprekos Photography from Melbourne – Victorian Photography Business of the Year winner!






Niki’s Story

I have always had a passion in photography from a young age but after having my first baby my photography passion resparked. Before photography I was in Human Resources working in top tier law firms for 15 years. I worked in the corporate world and did photography part time. But when I switched and made photography full time my so called hobby turned into the successful business you see today.

For years I didn’t have a studio and was doing newborn sessions at clients homes. When the studio was built it was the best thing that ever happened. I created the perfect space for client to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy their memorable photography experience.

Her Work

I love newborn photography and I’m known for my affordable, modern, natural, simple and classic style of photography. Capturing connection, love and joy.

I also photograph maternity, babies from 6-12 months, cake smash sessions and the occasional family session. Clients love coming back for yearly sessions and I love that they are now part of my family and creating memories of a lifetime.

Nothing makes me happier than providing client products. I provide clients an amazing online shop where they can purchase quality products such as albums, wall art (frames, canvas, box canvas, wood mounts), collections, acrylics and prints. I love their huge smile when they have their products, it’s just pure joy. If we don’t provide products as photographers, clients just have them stored on their mobile and they just get lost with the other 10,000+ images we have.

What She Loves

I love that I have the freedom to be my own boss and create my own success. Running my own business means I get to set my own rules and of course these can change as my business grows, how I change and how life changes too. I love that I can create my own brand and style that not only represents me but apply that into creating moments and memories for clients which is so amazing.

Like everything, running your own business is not all roses and sunshine. To be successful in anything you need times of hardship, failure, growth, re-evaluation, learning, patience and so much more. I have been in the industry for a long time so for those starting out and reading this its ok to not be perfect at everything just remember to always put in 100% effort, love, listening to feedback and always continue to grow and develop.

In the past two years with continual lockdowns I took that opportunity and time to grow my business from the inside. I had amazing help from my photography coach, completed new courses, revamped my website and reset everything. Running our own business means we can set our own hours, so if you need to slow down to focus on the business do it because this in the long term pays off in bucketloads.

Her Reaction When She Won

What just happened!!! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was with my family sitting around the computer waiting for the announcement to load and then my family started cheering as they saw my image come up first! Honestly I’m so grateful honoured to have received this accolade.

By far the most flattering part of winning the 2021 Australian Award is knowing that my clients were a huge part of getting me here. My clients reviews are so honest and beautiful. You can just feel the love and joy they’ve had during their photography experience in their written reviews. Nothing better than this and when they say they can’t wait to come back well that is just the icing on the cake.

Niki’s 2022 Plans

I have made so many changes to my business, that it will be a year of rolling everything out and making adjustments to things that do and don’t work. A year of focus, continual growth and listening to client feedback.

I will also look at outsourcing more in 2022, my business thrives when I let go of certain tasks. Having a strong team can only make my business grow and of course allowing a healthier work / life balance. Life can be so fast, especially when we have little ones to care for. Lockdowns taught me that slowing down is healthy for the mind, body and soul. Having clarity, calmness and space is so important to myself, my family and my business.

When you are centred and happy everything can work and be the success you want it to be.

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