Tips For Photographing Multiples with Jacinta Dal Ben Photography

Did you all know I am a twin myself? Not just any twin … I am half of the first set of boy/girl twins born via IVF in Australia! Yes, that is right. Special don’t you think?

My parents tried for 9 years to have my brother and I back in the days where women had to drive into the hospital everyday for their injections and when it cost you the price of a house for the opportunity to conceive.

This is the very reason why I love photographing multiples so much. Many of these multiples are born under IVF/surrogacy. Listening to their journeys is something I find I can relate to in some form. At the age of 16 my local GP told me I would most likely never conceive or find it extremely difficult to do so. It’s a long story, yet I now have four beautiful children of my own, all conceived naturally.

Multiples, I find, are one of the most rewarding sessions. They settle easily when they’re close to one another as their brother/sister is generally their best soothing aid. You will often find during a multiple session there will be one or two that is cruisy and one that needs that extra snuggle or feeding time.

Here’s some of my best tips to help you breeze through your twin sessions:

  • There will always be one larger twin. This twin you need to make sure is always the twin that is holding any extra weight depending on how you’re posing.
  • If on a beanbag, the larger twin will be at the base and the lighter twin leaning on top.
  • If in a bucket, the larger twin will go in first and the smaller twin will be leaning on top and so on.
  • When wrapping together, place both twins on a beanbag close to one another. Have their inner arms wrap around one another and lay them leaning into one another on the beanbag with their faces touching and both facing upwards.
  • With the two outer arms, have them meet in the centre of their bodies and clasp hands. When dealing with their legs you can either wrap them, lay a wrap underneath to tie around or leave laying nude with knees bent up and feet interlocking.
  • Now go and embrace photographing those multiples!!

Jacinta Dal Ben is a newborn and portrait photographer in Melbourne, Victoria

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