Dear Photographers- Where are you located?

Dear Photographers… WHERE are you located?

Here at Style Pose Click, we have been following some amazing Australian photographers the last few years. Artists who create inspiring imagery, photographers who capture those fleeting newborn moments and those creative wedding photographers who are constantly finding new ways to portray their clients love for each other uniquely. We love living moments through your photographs and sharing the emotion that you create with your images.

But recently, we came across a rather mystifying trend in the online photography world. And it’s left us asking the question- photographers- WHERE are you located?

Case in point- we have been looking for photographers in various locations that we plan to visit. We often interview photographers who are doing something different or unique and tell their stories. We find it uplifting and inspiring to share great achievements in the photography community. A few weeks ago, we discussed meeting with a photographer who we thought lived and worked in a certain area… but we of course wanted to double check before we made contact.

We popped onto their Facebook page- there was NO mention in their ‘about’ or ‘story’ section or any of their posts that gave away their location. We headed to their Instagram page- ZERO indication of where they worked, what locale clients could find them in, even if they were Australian. So, we finally headed to said photographer’s website (yes, we are pretty resilient- but a potential client may have given up by now!) and there was not one mention on their website about WHERE they were located. There were beautiful images, and descriptive texts about photography style and connection and the power of a photograph. BUT we still had no clue where this photographer was, or if they were even in Australia after all.

This experience led us to do a few quick searches on some randomly selected photographers. And we discovered that this trend was not a one off. In the midst of all the incredible social media feeds and websites, any homage to one’s location was commonly missed (not always, but often!). It’s easy to focus on content- we totally get it! But if a potential client is in Darwin and you are in Darwin, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with them, just because they aren’t sure where you are. And if a potential client emails you, only to discover that while they are in Noosa and you are actually in the Adelaide Hills… hmmm. It’s frustrating for everyone involved!

We want your photography business to succeed in connecting with clients in your local area, so here are our tips to ensure that your location is really obvious to them-


*Mention your location and the areas you service on your Facebook About section and tag your location in your Facebook posts.


*Make sure your general location is in the description on Instagram profile description and tag your location in your Instagram posts.


*Place your location in the first paragraph in your ABOUT description on your webpage and mention it frequently on your blog.


*List your photography business on Find A Photographer Australia– where potential clients can search for you by location and FIND you no matter where you are!


Do it right now- updating your location will take five minutes and it really could have a wonderful impact on your business!


p.s. We never did work out where that particular photographer was located… oops!



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  1. Nina

    Located in Holmview 4207. Between Waterford & Beenleigh. Servicing the Logan and Brisbane widespread area. 30mins from the CBD, 20mins from the Gold Coast & 30mins from Mount Tambourine. Easily accessible from the Logan Motorway & Pacific Highway.