Promoted posts. Are they worth it? It’s something we have been wondering ourselves. So in the interest of all things photography, we decided to conduct an experiment and see if boosting a post was all it had seemed to be. I mean, if for $50 or $100 you could potentially reach thousands and thousands of your future clients, it would be worth it! It’s cheaper and easier than a print run and you could effectively set it up in just minutes. Here is the test we conducted and the incredible results- you might be just as surprised as we are!


The boosted post

We selected one of our current Facebook posts, fairly randomly, to be promoted. You might have seen it, it looks like this and was letting you all know about our current #icanstyleposeclick photography competition where we are giving away a $599 chatbot for photography business thanks to Automately.


We decided that we wanted to promote this post to a fairly narrow group- we really wanted to make sure professional photographers found out about this giveaway, more specifically women who are portrait and wedding photographers in Australia. These are the people that we think could most benefit from a prize like this. I mean, what busy photographer wouldn’t right? We also selected that we wanted this promoted on Facebook and Instagram because we know that Instagram is where it’s at for photographers right now.


And wow! For $100 and one week of promotion, guess what we were promised? Our post, being shown to all those people who were professional photographers and Wedding and Portrait photographers. AMAZING! Up to 12,000 people were going to find out about our giveaway every single day for a week. Oh Em Gee! Now this was marketing magic. It was almost too easy. Why oh why isn’t everybody doing this?

The results

Two days in, it was time to check out how things were going. Not a lot of traction on Facebook… just 12 likes… hmmm. BUT on instagram? Wowsers a grand total of…


It was a go you good thing moment for sure. If this was the kind of response we were getting in just two days then this whole boosted post thing was worth it for sure. It was time to share this great news with you all. UNTIL I decided that I wanted to know who all these random, awesomely cool people were that were totally into this giveaway. And then, the horror. THE HORROR I tell you…

And as thrilled as we were to have @fishing_the_whitsundays and @poachedeggsmyway and @wtf.slimes interested in our photography everything instagram account (I mean, we are pretty welcoming here in this community…) there was something seriously amiss here. Do you spot it? That tiny problem of there not being ANY photographers who were liking this post that was promoted specifically to professional photographers?  And we were PAYING for those 240 likes. Do you even see one user here who might be keen on winning a $599 chatbot for their photography business?

Maybe we are doing it wrong. But if we are, then it’s pretty certain that most people are. We are making it our mission this week to find out why something seemingly so simple just doesn’t seem to work. We are pretty excited to be teaming up with our very own Australian based social media guru in the coming weeks and we’ll most definitely be reporting back to you very soon.

In the meantime, promoted post, boosted post, sponsored ad or whatever- you are all cancelled. And dear Instagram, we want our money back…

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  1. Connie

    Thank you so much for doing this research I hve always wondered and not known how to really know !! Can’t wait to hear more about it and like you – no more boosted posts for me either 👍🏻

  2. Heather

    Wow that’s a bit of an eye opener, thanks for the info…..

  3. Bonnie

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing that. How deceptive of Facebook and IG! Not only are they restricting our reach because they want you to pay. But the paid adds don’t work either! 😡 Not cool guys, seriously not cool!

  4. Jenny Robson

    Hell yesssss!!!! Been wondering why my paying for advertising on both fb and insta totally suck. Please tell us why these dont work so we can save our money please x

  5. renae04

    Thank you Sam and Kate! Very disappointing Fb and Instagram. Why are we using these platforms to advertise our business if they aren’t even reaching the right people….grrrrr!

  6. Stacey

    Wow! Thanks for this article, it came at exactly the right time for me because I was literally planning my first ‘boost’ on facebook! Think I will save my money and wait to hear what the guru has to say!

  7. Gabbie

    As a 49 year old professional wedding & newborn photographer l’m a bit sad that 45 was the cut off age. I plan to keep working till I’m at least 60, and I still love networking and events. Just saying 😥

    1. StylePoseClick Listing Owner

      Hi Gabbie! Thanks for your comment. And we definitely get it! This was simply an arbitrary number that we clicked for the purpose of this experiment. We promote to everyone who is involved in the photography industry irrespective of age (and once we have all the answers to how we can do this effectively in a paid promotion, we will for sure!) 🙂