CLICK TALK with Jacinta Dal Ben Photography

Today the team at Style Pose Click are pretty excited to be launching our brand new podcast and YouTube interview program CLICK TALK. We’ll be chatting with photographers and industry suppliers around the country throughout the year across all kinds of awesome topics and you’ll be able to find them all here at Some in video and some podcast audio only so that you can settle in and hear from photographers around Australia while you’re up late editing or sitting in the car waiting for your clients to arrive.

We’ll be bringing you candid interviews about life as a photographer, tips from the best in the biz and snapshot Click Talk profiles of your favourite photographers around the country just for fun!

Today we are so excited to share with you our Q&A with Jacinta Dal Ben Photography from Melbourne, Australia.

Jacinta has been a friend of Style Pose Click for many years and we’ve watched her journey in the industry with great interest! In the early days of newborn photography in Australia, Jacinta lead the charge in newborn styling and was one of the first in the industry to experiment with bold colours, textures and creative setups. She is well known for her newborn photography but also specialises in stunning pet portraiture, maternity and fine art portraits. In fact, just last month she was a finalist in both the newborn AND pet categories at the AIPP Victorian Photographer of the Year awards. Pretty awesome hey for a lady who is also busy wrangling four young children. You’re going to love this quick chat with Jacinta as she talks all topics photography (and beyond) … gear, inspiration, editing snacks and of course her Irish celeb crush!

Jacinta offers 1:1 mentoring in her Hillside studio in Melbourne and often hosts small group workshops around the country and internationally so make sure you keep an eye on her Style Pose Click Listing or find her contact details here


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