The Find A Photographer Australia Story

The Find A Photographer Australia directory was born in reverse. What started with a new mum picking up a camera to photograph her daughter in 2010, then grew into the world of Style Pose Click (our parent company) as we know it. A professional photography business. Numerous photography prop empires. A travelling trade show of 10 events through Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne attracting thousands of photographer attendees. An Australia wide photography business awards program. An online industry supplier directory and now THIS!

The Find A Photographer Australia online directory – an internet marketing service for photography businesses.

We know that clients choose their photographer because they want great images. But taking incredible photos is just a part of your story. Our mission is to support you with the other parts of your business that are crucial … you know … the BUSINESS part.

Internet marketing. SEO. Your online footprint. REVIEWS! Social media content creation. Public Relations. Videography and more!

Google is crawling the web looking for info about you. So let’s give them something to read hey!

One of the most important parts of our Find A Photography directory is our reviews system. Photography is a relationship business and clients love investing in people that they know – or think they know. We’ve created a platform that lets you request testimonials of your services so that you can make those reviews work for you! Click here to read more about why we think reviews are a crucial part of your marketing program!

So there we have it. And here we are. Kate and Sam – two besties who clicked over their love of creativity, photography, marketing and supporting small business. We are not a set’n’forget directory. We’re real people working day in and day out to help you grow your business. And we’re so glad you’re here!


Professional photographer – of anything and everything (but people actually pay me for the weddings and babies)

Obsessed with attending as many live music gigs per year as possible

Small business marketing chick

Wrangler of 2 busy little people

Art lover. Cloud gazer. Mountain climber. Rainforest wanderer.

Loves good people doing great things (kindness is the new cool peeps!)


Passionate creative, prop maker and lover of all things photography

Avid hiker and explorer of the outdoors

Has an unhealthy addiction to cheese

Won’t eat cake after it’s been sung to

Obsessive traveller. Closet karaoke star. Skilled googler (yes that’s a word!)

Proud Mumma. Loyal friend.

Loves to take the road less travelled