2021 Highlights Awards Winners – Australian Professional Photography Competition

The Find A Photographer Australia platform was created as a space for photographers and clients to connect and share their work and experiences. In all of our activities, we consider the words and reviews of you, the clients, as the most important feedback a photographer can receive. Because without you, these photographers would not be able to do what they love the most and pursue a career in photography. So thank you! For taking the time to leave your reviews, vote for your favourite images and of course, invest in the Australian professional photography industry.

From your feedback, it was clear to see what clients are looking for in their photography. Is it always technical skill, posing perfection or post production work? No. What people truly desire in their imagery is heart, meaning, a story, a laugh, connection, relationships and more. The winners of this year’s awards have certainly achieved that.

The Highlights Awards presented by Find A Photographer are a people’s choice voting competition and in 2021 we had over 17000 visitors to our site in just 10 days. Incredible! The votes have been counted and we are proud to today announce the following winners.

1st Place – Sol Shooter, Logan QLD

Congratulations Jenny Parrish of Sol Shooter Photography, Beenleigh Queensland.

So what was it that inspired people to vote for this image? Here is some of your feedback …

“I love the expression, lighting and composition of this shot. A true heirloom piece.”

“The image represents the feelings of parenthood, showing their little bundle of joy!”

“The colours & the look you’ve captured on the babies face – not an easy task.”

“Gorgeous colours and props and florals used in this pic. Love it.”

“It just made my heart smile such a beautiful photo.”

“Love the way the eyes sparkle & the expression captured in the moment”

What makes a great photographer like Jenny? From the feedback that she received on her photo entry, she clearly listens to the needs and wishes of her clients and provides imagery of children and families that will forever be adored. Her customer service is also clearly exemplary and her clients often described her as kind, generous and gentle. What wonderful feedback Jenny! Congratulations on your winning entry and for inspiring so many people to vote for you with this adorable baby image.

2nd Place – Taela Sharee Photography, Brisbane QLD

What did people love about this image?

“I love this photo. It’s so natural and raw.”

“Absolutely beautiful image. I can feel the connection between mum and Bub. Beautiful!”

“The sort of impact it created in my mind with regards to motherhood was exhilarating.”

3rd Place – Garden Babies Fairy Art, Mornington Peninsula VIC

What did people love about this image?

“I love that it’s different and takes you into your imagination.”

“Her work is unique, beautiful and totally magical.”

“Beautiful composite work melding reality and fantasy. Wonderfully whimsical.”

4th Place – Niña Gadhia Photography, Sydney NSW

What did people love about this image?

“The photo perfectly captures the beautiful, fragile and delicate life in their nurturing arms of their parents.”

“This image speaks right to the heart. It is raw and precious and full of emotion.”

“Such a captivating photo of innocence.”

5th Place – Dusk + Vine Photography, East Maitland NSW

What did people love about this image?

“I love how the image shows the parents being drawn into the moment by the innocence of the children, like they’re remembering how fun it was to play in puddles when they were kids.”

“It’s stunning and captures family love and connection.”

“This picture seemed so natural as if they weren’t aware of the camera.”

Top 20 Awards Winners

Congratulations to the photographers who also placed in our Top 20.

#6 Samantha Bryce Photography

#7 Sharon Jones Photography

#8 Carly Sinden Photography

#9 Roxy Lee Photography

#10 Niki Sprekos Photography

#11 Favian Photography

#12 Amanda Maree Photography

#13 Peta Nikel Photography

#14 Nest and Seed Photography

#15 Kellie Johnsson Photography

#16 Michael O’Keefe Photography

#17 Christie-Lee Johnston Photography

#18 Kelly Smith Photography

#19 KWP Studios

#20 Jasmine Skye Photography


Inspired by the packing room prize at the Archibalds, staff at Find A Photographer also wanted their say! These Highly Commended images simply could not be passed by and have been selected by our team as their 2021 favourites. Congratulations to the Highly Commended Winners! Your business will be elevated to featured status in our directory for the following month as a celebration of your success.

Our Birth Stories by Kristal Sarmast, Newcastle NSW

Stelle Studios, Sydney NSW

Paulina Stuart Photography, Brisbane QLD

Nadia Lea Photography, Gundagai NSW

Sarah Warry Photography, Brisbane QLD

Annette Andrews Photography, Toowoomba QLD

Danielle Nigido Photography, Melbourne VIC

Jean Penny Photography, Sunshine Coast QLD

Renee Joanne Photography, Brisbane QLD

McGill Photography, Sydney NSW

Elisa Williams Photography, Sydney NSW

Thank you to our awards sponsors


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