Spotlight: Sandi White Photography- Brisbane Children’s Photographer

With Sandi White Photography, Kuraby QLD Photographer

I started my business when my youngest son was a baby. I have always loved photography though. I remember getting my first camera for my 10th birthday and I was sooo excited. 

I have always loved capturing stories and my photography helps me to do that. I also love listening to other people’s stories. Everyone is so interesting. I love to have some fun with my families at their photo shoots. At the end of the shoot even the Dad’s will agree they had a good time!

Kuraby Brisbane Children's Photographer Sandi White Photography

With my youngest son in daycare I started to take a real interest in photographing little humans! Suddenly, my career progressed and I now specialise in childcare photography as well. I love all little humans! Their big eyes, their little personalities. To me there is nothing better than building some rapport with a little human and then trying to capture that moment in camera. I always just know when I get it. It’s a buzz. 

Brisbane Childcare Photographer Sandi White Photography

Newborn photography take a lot of time and effort to get better at. I’ll be honest…..initially, it wasn’t for me! With many years of practice and patience though I have built up the skills I need and now enjoy the work so much. Capturing those new humans in their first two weeks of life is an honour and a privilege I will never take for granted. It is a magical experience.

Brisbane Newborn Photoapher Sani White Photography
Brisbane Children's Photographer Sandi White


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