Spotlight: Dragonfly Portraits- Macarthur Region Family Photographer

With Karen from Dragonfly Portraits, Camden NSW

Karen from Dragonfly Portraits is a professional portrait photographer who works with newborns and families in a calm and relaxing environment to create soulful portraits, beautiful albums and wall art to be treasured for generations.

Dragonfly Portraits grew from Karen’s passion to capture moments in photographs. She has been a professional photographer for over 24 years, and began Dragonfly Portraits in 2005. You can find her at her natural light studio in Mount Hunter and she travels around the Macarthur region taking photographs too. Karen specialises in pregnancy, newborn and family photography. Below she shares some of the reasons why she believes family photography is an essential legacy and why she believes it is so important for everyone, no matter who, to document their family in photographs.

Camden Photographer Dragonfly Portraits

1. To celebrate milestones in your life and your children’s life.
Your children also will not remember much before their 4th birthday. They will only remember a few events from the ages of 5-8 even. They will have absolutely no idea if they were born with lots of hair or what they looked like on their first or second birthdays unless it is documented with photos.

2. Reliving memories.
Who doesn’t love going back in time and reminiscing? Who doesn’t love when Time Hop or Facebook Memories gives us a photo we posted 10 years ago? We can’t do this if we don’t take photos in the first place.

3. Sometimes things go wrong.
Sadly our lives can change in a heartbeat. Accidents happen, people get sick, life can change unexpectedly… We don’t like to think about it and most of will be perfectly ok throughout life but tragedy can strike unfortunately and we need to be sure our children will have photographs of us of to hold onto if life doesn’t go according to plan.

4. So your grand children have visual images to show their own children those who came before them.
I love seeing photos of my ancestors even though I haven’t even met a few of them. I met my Great Grandmother 3 days before she died and we do have a photo documenting this event. I was only 7 days old but this frail, elderly woman is holding me in her arms with a huge smile on her face. Such a special moment and it is one of the last photos we have of her. Invest in your future, invest in your families future… even the generations that are just a twinkle in your little ones eye.

Macarthur Family Photographer Dragonfly Portraits

5. Because ‘now’ is so awesome and you just want to hold onto it and keep it for as long as possible.
Do you ever just sit back and think, wow, life is just so perfect now, this has to be one of the best stages of my life, we have our family here, we’re all happy, healthy and strong. Everything is perfect – if life could stay like this forever it would be amazing! When you find yourself saying this, no matter where you are up to in your life, call me!!! Lets hold onto this stage and this feeling. Lets document the way you feel right now and how blessed and perfect everything is. A professional will be sure to document more than a likeness, they will record more than just what is visable on a face value, they will catch the emotions and your bond, so you are able to not just see how great this time was, but you will be able to feel it also… you seriously cannot put a price on that. What an absolute treasure to own.

Dragonfly Portraits Family Photography

In my mind, professional family photography is a must, at least every five years at a minimum. One day faded memories and photographs will be all we have left and I intend on spending my twilight years going through old photographs, old photo albums and telling my grand children stories from when their parents were just small children.


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