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Spotlight: Lifetime Stories Photography- Brisbane Maternity and Newborn Photographer

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With Lifetime Stories Photography, Rochedale South QLD

I am a Brisbane based photographer, specialising in maternity, newborn and family photography. My studio is located in Rochedale South, 20 km south of Brisbane City.
After years of playing with photography in many photographic areas, my goal became clear when I had my son, followed up by opening my own studio specialized in maternity and newborn photography in Rochedale South, Brisbane 3 years ago. 
I am the mother of a beautiful boy, and I know the importance of documenting life’s little details. It is wonderful to be able to see these unique moments and to be able to remember and share it with your family in years to come.
I want to celebrate the birth of our children, their journey of coming into our world, to unveil their tenderness and their reliance on us as adults, the joy of you becoming a new parent – with sleepless nights, but with so much love for your new baby. 

Brisbane South Newborn Photographer Lifetime Stories Photography

I want to help families decorate their homes with their personal art, artwork that matters and that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

When I meet you …I will always great you with a big smile and sometimes a hug …well depending on how huggable you are…yeah, I do get that awkward moment when the kiss on the cheek becomes a kiss on the ear ☺… I am easy going and I believe that people feel relaxed around me. This is me, this is how I want my world to be, and this is what I want to give back: my happiness, my enthusiasm, my determination to get and find the best in us. 

Brisbane South New Family Photographer Lifetime Stories Photography

I want my images to reflect the happiness, the tenderness, that feeling of belonging to someone to something, the sweet smell of the baby’s skin, the chase of the baby’s smile, the connection between mum and her newborn, the un-shaved face and tiredness of dad, and why not that sibling sweet and sour connection. 

I am always researching and learning ways to improve the experience for my clients, and to understand what they are looking for and what they want to create with their images – which is more than just an image on the wall. 
I love to talk to them prior and build a relationship, and I sometimes ask lots of personal questions because I feel there are so many things I need to know in order to create the perfect experience. Asking questions like: “what is the baby room setup?”, “how was the birth?”, and knowing why they want to photograph this moment can tell me exactly how to use my talent and my creativity in their session. This will wrap their entire experience in a beautiful feeling in the years to come.

Rochedale South Brisbane Newborn Photographer Lifetime Stories Photography

Newborn safety is of utmost importance to me! I am fully immunised, and so is my family; I have personally attended workshops with world class photographers Luisa Dunn (Australia), Russ Jackson (England), Sandra Hill (Canada), Kelly Brown (Australia), and I am continuing my online education with many known photographers in the industry.
My studio is set up as a safe and warm environment: all setups are safe and I only use props from approved suppliers. I want the parents to feel that their baby will be comfortable, safe and warm for the entire session. I have many hand made props and a growing collection of dresses which have been sourced locally and from all over the world. I promise that your session will take place in a very calm environment, where we will be able to design your session according to your personality.
Moreover, I want to create value for clients and create their very own personalised experience. I want to know that when they look back at these images on specials days or holidays they will be happy, with big smiles on their faces. I want to know that the images created will be put on display and will be easily accessed and not forgotten in the cloud or remembered just as Facebook “memories”.

Brisbane South Family Photographer Rochedale Lifetime Stories Photography

Ohh how I wish to see the images of the mum, dad and their babies lining their hallway, so that every time the parents are taking the child to their room they can look at this image, see how small they were, and how beautifully they are growing now! Imagine that feeling!

Rochedale Brisbane Baby Photographer

I would love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to create some treasured photographs to capture you, your newborn baby and your family.
With love,
Creating memories that will last a Lifetime!

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Brisbane Maternity Photographer Lifetime Stories Photography

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