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Spotlight: Erin King Pet Photography- Melbourne Pet Photographer

With Erin King Pet Photographer- Melbourne, Australia

Delightful and Divine Pet Portraits by Erin King Photographer.

My love for animals has driven my desire to become a pet photographer and my pet photography is based on the desire to capture this love for others.

Having grown up around animals and since having my very own dog, as an adult, I’ve felt more and more connected and passionate about our relationships with animals and more specifically dogs as more than just pets, but as part of our family. 

After moving to Wellington, NZ to Melbourne in 2010, and with Melbourne being such an inclusive community for dog owners and lovers, I was even more inspired to incorporate my love of animals into my photography. Making the change from photographing weddings to photographing pets, made perfect sense for me and has become a true love and passion of mine. 

Melbourne Dog Photographer Erin King

I’ve always been an avid animal lover and animal rights supporter but my love for my own dog has shown me just how much a pet can influence our lives for the better. Dogs bring joy, love, happiness and healing to everyday. I feel it is important to capture and cherish the memories, moments and the rewarding relationships we share with our pets.

Melbourne Pet Photographer Erin King

My pet photography sessions are all about capturing this love and these important relationships through fun, natural and creative environmental pet portraits. Photographed outdoors on-location, because, I myself love the outdoors and it’s important for me to be able to capture images of our pets which are natural and in a natural environment. I mean what’s better than letting your dog sniff out a new location and go on a fun new adventure? This is what my sessions are all about…full of new sights, smells and sensations all of which your dogs will love, while you both get to take in and experience a fun day out at a scenic and picturesque location. Your dog will have so much fun, they won’t even know they are having a photography session haha. And the best part is at the end of it all you will have beautiful portraits of your pet to hang on your wall as something you can cherish forever.  

Victorian Pet Photography Erin King

Here’s what been said about Erin by Cindy Barker – a pet photography client: …”It’s hard to find the words to express how wonderful Erin is! I guess a real testament to her skill, talent and general gorgeousness is that we have become good friends since our first shoot together and my pups Scooby and Willow just adore Erin, we all do! Erin is an amazing person with a love of animals that shines so brightly in her beautiful photos. She even manages to get my puppy to sit which is a miracle. Book a session now, it is so much fun and you will have the most sublime photos of your pets” 

Victorian Animal Photographer Melbourne Moonee Ponds Erin King
Erin King Puppy Photographer Melbourne
Erin King Pet and Owner Photographer Melbourne



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