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Spotlight: Erin King Pet Photography- Award Winning Victorian Pet Photographer

With Erin King Pet Photographer- Victoria, Australia

Award Winning Pet Photography at the 2019 Australian Photography Awards

Between the 10th – 12th of August, 2019, Photographers from all over Australia gathered in Sydney in the hopes of taking out the prestigious Title of Australian Professional Photographer of the Year at the national Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards.

Erin King Pet Photographer Victoria

Erin has been entering the AIPP awards for the last 5 years and has been awarded as the pet/animal category finalist in the Victorian State awards for the last 4 years. She is now a Master Photographer with the AIPP.

This year, her lighthearted images illustrating the character and personality of different animals, gained her the second highest scoring portfolio at the national Australian awards recognizing her as one of the category finalists. Erin’s four images were awarded with two gold awards, one silver distinction and a silver. 

Erin King Moonee Ponds Victoria Pet Photography

“Entering the awards is great as it’s pushed me creatively to go outside of my comfort zone and try something different each year. It’s been a very rewarding journey and one that’s helped to further my photography, editing and post production skills. I now have ideas of images I want to create and shoot specifically for award entry.”

There are strict guidelines for qualifying including, all elements must be photographic in nature and all photographs must have been captured by the photographer within the previous 2years. The awards obviously reward images which are of a high professional standard technically but it also rewards images which are unique, something new which the judges haven’t seen done before whether this is a technique or an idea, and especially images which tell a story and evoke emotion.⁣

Erin King Dog Photographer Victoria Australia

Erin’s innovative imagery shows a new style of conceptual storytelling within Pet Photography that epitomises the industry standard today.

The AIPP advocates for excellence in imaging, promotes education and community and is the membership organisation of choice for professional and aspiring image makers in Australia.

Erin King Photographer Pet Photography Cat Victoria Australia



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