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Spotlight: Big Bright Photos- Mount Beauty Portrait Photographer

With Big Bright Photos- Alpine Region Photographer, Victoria

Hello, my name is Kylie Esler and I am the photographer behind Big Bright Photos. 

I live in Mount Beauty in the beautiful Alpine region of North East Victoria. Being a lover of the great outdoors I really enjoy using our environment to full advantage. I enjoy nothing more than a maternity shoot in a roaring river or a wedding on a mountain top. 

Big Bright Photos Maternity Outdoor Photographer

When I am approached by someone who would like a more adventurous shoot we put a lot of planning to make sure everyone is safe. How to reach the location is discussed and any dangers that may be present. If it is during the snow season we talk a lot about the right type of clothing and footwear. You can always strip down for 10 minutes to do the shoot but until that point it is very important that adequate clothing is worn. In the Alpine the environment the weather can change in 10 minutes so you always need to be prepared. 

Big Bright Photos Alpine Adventure Photography Victoria

I had one occasion during a wedding at Falls Creek where the weather was the worst it could be, sideways heavy rain. Lucky the bride and groom were well prepared and had good footwear to change into. Before venturing out I suggested the bridal party wrap themselves up in towels to protect their hair and make-up, luckily this worked. This is where my local knowledge really came into play and I could take them to a spot which was protected from the storm. Despite the weather, we achieved some beautiful photographs that they loved, in the snow, on their wedding day. 

Big Bright Photos Wedding Photographer Outdoor Adventure Alpine Region Victoria Mount Beauty

So if you are looking for something a little different to the norm and will look amazing decorating the walls of your home please get in contact. Let’s see what adventures we can have together. 


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