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Spotlight: Alana Prosper Photography-Perth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Perth Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Alana Prosper Photography

with Alana Prosper Photography, Tapping Western Australia

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different” ~ C.S Lewis

A photo is the only way to press ‘pause’ on life. To capture those moments and details we think we’ll remember, but that get swept up in the chaos of life just moving on. I’m a Perth Lifestyle Photographer, and my aim going into any session is to capture you and your family just as you are – authentic, raw, and perfectly imperfect. I want to give you images which will make you feel something today, and will mean even more to you as the years pass and your world changes. 

Tapping Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Alana Prosper Photography

Your family looks different every step of the way and I’m there to capture it all. Maternity sessions ( celebrate the magical time in your life when you realise just how amazing your body really is; Birth Story Sessions ( tell the story of your birth and capture your very first moments with the new little person who will become the biggest part of your life; Fresh 48 sessions ( allow you to relive the first days in hospital with your new baby – wrinkly toes and all; Newborn Lifestyle sessions ( capture the beauty and chaos of newborn life in the comfort and rawness of your own home; Family sessions ( are relaxed and filled with fun and natural connection, freezing the way your family looks so that you’ll always be able to relive it. 

Perth Maternity Photographer Alana Prosper Photography

One of my favourite times to capture in your life is when you’re welcoming a new little person into your world. This time is so incredibly fleeting, and there’s nothing I love more than capturing your new family in your own home, with your own surroundings and your own routines. During Newborn Lifestyle sessions, your baby doesn’t need to be only days old (anywhere up to 12 weeks – or even older!) is fine!! Your baby doesn’t even need to be sleeping (in fact, awake and interacting is perfect!). We really just go with the flow during these sessions, and they’re absolutely perfect when siblings are involved! They can be a part of the session and your memories, but they can also have the freedom to have a little break and play in the next room, or have a snack in the kitchen. This is all about real life. This incredibly beautiful, challenging, rewarding, exhausting and fleeting time of your life. You can learn more about Newborn Lifestyle sessions in my blog ( 

Perth Lifestyle Family Photographer Alana Prosper Photography

Another beautiful way to capture your fresh new baby is with a Fresh 48 session! Fresh 48 sessions are captured in the first 48 hours after your baby’s birth in the hospital or other place of birth. They’re the hours and moments when you’re just getting to know them, and when their hands and feet are still wrinkly and their eyes are unfocused. They’re the hours and moments you can’t quite believe they’re real! You can never get this time back – babies change so incredibly quickly – a Fresh 48 session freezes them in time so that you can always relive them. You can learn more about Fresh 48 sessions in my blog (

Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer Perth Alana Prosper Photography

My family sessions are fun and relaxed. There’s no formal posing or fake smiles, and there’s absolutely no need (or expectation) for everyone to pose, behave, or be ‘perfect’. Your family is perfect just the way they are – I’m just there to capture it for you. To show you the connections between those you love most, to allow you to revisit your beautiful children at the age they are now, to give you time to just BE together and create some memories. I’m there to capture what is authentic, and I never want families to feel that their kids need to be focused and ‘behave’ for our sessions. I want them to be kids, and to let me capture a glimpse into your real world. I want you to be able to look back on your images in years to come, and I want you to feel it all again, and remember what it was really like. 

Perth Lifestyle Family Photographer Alana Prosper Photography

I have four children of my own – one girl and three boys!! I get how crazy life can be – how loud, chaotic and messy it is! I also get how fast it all changes. How quickly each stage passes and how much we think we’ll remember all of the details, but that often it takes someone to remind us, and that when we’re reminded, we miss it. Even the challenging parts. There truly is beauty in chaos – you just have to see it!!

Tapping Perth Newborn Photographer Alana Prosper Photography

My photo sessions can be captured in one of Perth’s beautiful locations ( or in your own home in a lifestyle session. Contact me ( and we can chat about the best way to tell your story, and to freeze your precious moments in time!

Alana xx


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