How to choose an Australian Family Photographer

The Find A Photographer Australia Top Tips Series

All the best tips for finding the perfect Family Photographer for your Family Photos

Cute, cheeky, funny, silly, mischievous… all the little bits of personality that shine through in your family. And having beautiful photographs that capture all of that is such a blessing and something that you really cannot put a price on. Family photographs are treasured for generations to come and are a great way of remembering milestone moments.

If it’s time for you to book in a photography shoot for your family, you need to follow these few simple steps to choose the best family photographer:

*Ask for recommendations

Recommendations for a family photographer can come from a whole range of places- friends, family, a mum from school or a dad from cricket. You might even spot someone else’s photos on Facebook that make you say wow! Recommendations also sometimes come from someone you don’t personally know- online reviews are a great way to read about a person’s experience with a photographer and can help you decide if they are what you are looking for. You can read family photographer reviews for Australian photographers on Find A Photographer. Reliability and a customer focus are important- make sure you do your research before you book your photographer.

*Check out their social media and website

A photographer will share the images that represent the type of photographs they like to take on their website and, on their Facebook, and Instagram feeds. Check them out! A quick scroll will tell you if the style of their imagery matches what you have in mind for your family photographs. Would you like any similar photographs on your wall to remember your family at this moment in time? If yes, that can be a great indication that the photographer’s style is right for you.

*Enquire about pricing

Once you have found a few photographers you like, it’s important to ask about packages, prices and inclusions. Is there a booking or session fee in addition to the package? Do you want digital images and a few prints? Looking for someone who can print a big canvas for the wall? Investing in family photographs (and yes, it is an investment- those photographs will be worth more to you than any other possession you own in years to come) means finding a photographer that can provide images within your price range. It can be helpful to ask what is not included in the fees so you can factor that in too.

*Ask questions

Ask your proposed photographer about their professional experience, about what they like to photograph, where they take photographs (in your home, in their studio, outdoors, or somewhere else) and what timeframe you could expect your images in. Do they specialise in family photography? It’s also worth asking if they have a brochure or any other information on how they run their family photography sessions, or any tips they offer you to guide you on how to get the most out of the session. Some photographers even make suggestions on what not to wear or what location works best, which can really help. 

*Adjust your expectations

When you are having family photos, not every gallery image will end up looking like it came out of a magazine. Kids are as unpredictable as the weather and they also often have the attention span of a goldfish. And if you are stressed or anxious about the session, your children will pick up on that. Be flexible, make the session fun and light hearted and take the pressure off. And take lots of moments to give your little people big hugs, have a run around and let them be themselves. This often results in beautiful, relaxed photos that you will treasure. Working with a photographer who understands all of this helps too!

Are you searching for an Australian Family Photographer for your family photos? Search for one right now on Find A Photographer

Have you had an amazing experience with a family photographer? Make sure you leave them a review on Find A Photographer so others know!

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