Top Reviewed Baby Photographers – Australia

What does it say about a business when past clients are eager to review and write testimonials about their experiences? It really is a testament to the quality of the service given by that business isn’t it! A review speaks 1000 words, while really only saying a few. It is less about the words that are written but more about the time and effort that it takes for a client to go out of their way to write about their positive experience. It helps us realise how great it must have been and gives us confidence as consumers in investing in that business ourselves.

During the month of May 2019 we encouraged our Find A Photographer businesses to reach out to their past clients and requests reviews about their photography experiences. The results were incredible! We had hundreds and hundreds of reviews submitted for photographers across all genres and locations across the country. There are truly some very talented people running photography businesses in all areas of Australia! When you are searching on our directory for your next photographer, make sure you read the reviews at the bottom of each listing that will help you select the right person for you!

Congratulations to Jasmin Whitton Photography, Pink Heart Photography and Nina Louise Photography who were the TOP THREE reviewed photographers during this promotion. It was incredible reading the words of your past clients and seeing their willingness to support your business. It truly does speak volumes about your client experience, professionalism and photography skills.

Amazingly, all three of these photographers were specialists in the newborn, baby, maternity and family genres! It is no surprise that the parents of newborn babies feel compelled to review their photographer given the enormous amount of care that is required in this particular photography genre.

#1 – Jasmin Whitton Photography


Illawarra Region, New South Wales

#2 – Pink Heart Photography


Invermay, Tasmania

#3 – Nina Louise Photography


Waterford, Queensland

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