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Spotlight : Red Cherry Images – Brisbane Kindy Photographer

Why I Love Photographing Kindy Kids

with Trina Julius of Red Cherry Images

I love to create beautiful, natural, images of kindy children enjoying the outdoor play spaces in many lovely kindergartens/childcares all over Brisbane. Each child is the love of someone’s life and I want to honour that by providing them with the very best of my ability. 

I aim to capture a range of images that show that special little glint in their child’s eye, that unique expression that makes them who they are, whether it be big gleaming smilies, dreamy expressions, a little face immersed in concentration whilst they arrange blocks, pushing a truck, dressing a doll, climbing the fort, playing in the sand, building blocks – whatever captures their heart and interest. I believe these images of a child at Preschool/childcare are what needs to be photographed and enjoyed. 

My Preschool/childcare photography service in Brisbane provides families with the ability to view an online private gallery of a range of up to 15 different images of their child. This was a very important aspect of the outstanding photography service and experience I wanted to give families.

To dig a little deeper into why I ventured into kindy photography goes back to where my dream to provide a luxury kindy photography service all started. I have been a parent of children that attended childcare and kindergarten. I remember vividly when my now 14 year old son was attending childcare how excited I was to have his photos captured at kindy. I remember eagerly anticipating the arrival of the photos to see his beautiful smile. After receiving his photo which I loved….. I wished for more ! I wished for activity photos, I wished for natural outdoor photos, I wished for more choice then ONE photo in 10 different sizes… as quite frankly I would have purchased them all! 

I aim to create magical images that families will cherish for years to come, that they will look back on in 5, 10, 15 years and remember little memories of their childhood at their kindy – whether it be sparking a memory about friendships they made, a special kindy teacher, an activity they enjoyed or memories of the outdoor play area. 

So hence the birth of my pathway into photographing at kindergartens after a long enlightening conversation with the centre director of my oldest child’s centre at the time. She knew I was a family and wedding photographer and wondered if I would photograph their kindergarten the next year. My first thoughts were ones of pure panic!

My gosh, 80 Children to photograph, with a range of images, over 2 -3 days – How on earth would I do that ! Am I crazy?

So being the courageous person that I am…… I developed a plan of action and along with a very healthy dose of ambition and enthusiasm, I dove right in. 

I was hooked. 

I loved it from the first day onwards. So much cuteness, so many expressions, using beautiful natural light, photographing children enjoying climbing, exploring and interacting with the kindy/childcare environment. I quickly discovered that my raw energy for this type of photography suited this environment.

To top it off, (thankfully) the families at the centre loved my photos, loved my unique style and the fact that I gave families the opportunity to choose and order photos online at any time of the night or day. 

I received so much positive feedback from my very first centre that it inspired me to go on – to do better the next time with all the little things that I needed to improve on, to be a little more organised during the day, and start looking for an assistant to help with this process so I didn’t collapse after every session!

The kindy photography side of my business then grew ! 3 centres that year , 5 centres the next year, 11 the next year, 25/ year for the last few years and now looking to be up to 30 centres this year all around Brisbane ! This is my 8th year as a Kindy Photographer (2019) and I haven’t looked back, my business is successful and I maintain personalised service to each and all of the Kindy families at every centre. 

Along with that I have now moved into mentoring other photographers on how to run a kindergarten business as well as founding a supportive group of Kindergarten photographers with over 200 members in Australia and from overseas.  

I scarily did some rough sums as to just how many children I have photographed (just ’cause I like to put it into stats and analyse) – its seriously upwards of nearly 15 thousand children in Brisbane and the Gold Coast! 

I am incredibly proud of this ! As it is not only 1 shot only of each of those children but a variety of images 10 -15 (sometimes more) images of each child. I call it Mini Session Kindergarten Photography. That is a lot of clicks that my little camera does !

Have I learnt a thing or two over that time which gives me the edge when it comes to photographing all sorts of personalities of children ?- YES indeed.  

I believe my experience SHOWS in my work, my ability to work quickly but effectively and also to relate to every child, no matter if they are super keen for a photo or not so keen. 

So there is a little insight into my “why” and how by following my path and gift in children’s photography I am able to contribute a skill in my lifetime that when I look back in my 90’s (hopefully) I can be ever so proud of what I have created. 

Contact me today if you would like to have me visit your Child’s centre. I am very busy each year from April – November – but if you contact and discuss there may be an opportunity to fit your child’s centre in. 

Red Cherry Images – Other services available photographed by Trina Julius 

– Education for Photographer – mentoring for your Kindy photography journey. 
– Family Photography
– Promotional Photography – for Kindergartens and Small businesses
– Promotional Films for Kindergarten,small businesses and photographers. 





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